Okay, so we’re not going undefeated, let’s learn from the mistakes, and get better

Need to execute better offensively in OT, really both OT games, the Defense was great in OT against GT, but the offense was a struggle… WKU was a little better on the FT line, and a little better on the glass, and MJ was off a little last night. Learn from the mistakes and get ready for a solid Tulsa squad…

This is a developing team, in the next cpl yrs when Arkansas gets some size, this is going to be a fun little team to watch!!!

Get some depth so our players aren’t worn out! That’s number 1!
Missed 1 free throw down the stretch, we fouled with the lead! Just stupid.
We turned the ball over! The hogs did everything you have to do to get beat in that situation.
I would have called timeout.