Okay, so now what???

If we’re going to hire Gus Malzahn, which I think Ark should do, it’s time to let the past be in the past, and move forward. But we can’t wait for possibly 3 more games, the recruiting class is already last in the SEC, with the likely departure of Hanspard. If Auburn beats GA next week, then I think we have to move on from Malzahn to Mike Norvell, depending how his team looks in the AAC Championship game against UCF.

Norvell may be gone by then.

Good point…But hopefully Julie or whoever is already in touch gauging his interest, and it’s in the interest of both coaches to wait until their last game is played. I’m sure Norvell doesn’t want a distraction this week either, UCF is no joke team. I would prefer Malzahn, because he’s been in the trenches in the SEC, and players cannot make excuses blaming the coaches with him, because everyone knows he can win. But he may not want to leave Auburn now, even though one more avg season, and he’s gone, and he knows that. That being said, a decision really needs to be made this week at the latest.

Kirby Smart coached the NC game for Alabama while he was UGA head coach. Gus Malzahn could do the same.

If he says in advance that he’s coming home, and it’s a done deal. Otherwise we lose other candidates, there are a ton of openings this yr…

Kirby was a coordinator, Gus is HC. You have to look at the University as well. I’ll use Bret as an example, he was going to the Rose Bowl, and Alvarez said no, get your rear out of here and to AR. In my opinion, if Gus wins next week, and announces he is leaving, AUB would be butt hurt enough they wouldn’t let him coach. I don’t think Gus will give up the opportunity to coach in a NC game. So, if we are getting Gus, you won’t hear about it until a few days of the playoffs.

there is a big difference in being 7-5 and going to the rose bowl and a legitimate shot at a NC. If Auburn were to make the playoffs and Malzahn accept the Arkansas job, Auburn would be stupid to not allow him to coach because then their chances go to zero.

If I am Arkansas I would definitely gauge interest from Malzahn, Frost, and Kiffin. Until the hot names are officially off the market you have to consider them as a potential candidate.

I’m not saying AR wouldn’t gauge interest, I’m saying Gus won’t say it, until much closer to Jan. As for AUB, as was said (I believe by you) in another thread, he was all but fired until GA. Yes, AUB is that stupidly vindictive to not let him coach.

If Norvell is not already committed to some new program, he will be in very short order. I truly HOPE that Arkansas has already reeled him in; - - if not, Norvell is likely bound elsewhere.

Gus is not going anywhere after today.

I would venture to say that there are VERY likely not a lot of proven-quality, household name, big-time football coaches who are champing at the bit to come to Arkansas. Our best bet - (perhaps our ONLY bet) - may be a little known dark horse up-and-coming young man who is currently either serving as an Offensive or Defensive Coordinator at a prestigious, high-profile program - - or is a HC at a lower tier or a mid tier football program.

I worry that you are right. It’s a bad time to be firing both your coach and your AD unless you have something lined up. Sounds like Kelly signed with UCLA so Florida is still looking for someone in addition to Ole Miss, Tennessee, A&M

I’m pretty confident Frost is going home, so they’ll still be looking next week as well.

If Gus isn’t the chosen one then we have to turn our sights and quickly because these vacancies will fill up fast.

Mike Norvell - Memphis
Neal Brown - Troy
Chad Morris - SMU
Seth Littrell - North Texas
Mike Bobo - Colorado State
Charlie Strong - USF
Frank Martin - UTSA

Im not in favor of the likes of Les Miles, Houston Nutt or Tommy Tuberville.
I just don’t think those guys would bring any juice to the program.

Those guys on the above list have ties to either our state or have been coordinators at successful power 5 programs and can recruit in the south which is a must.
However, these coaches won’t still be available if we wait to see if Gus is willing to walk away from Auburn after a possible playoff season and a top 10 recruiting class coming in on the plains next year.
So, unless we have an agreement in place with Gus, we better start working the phones and secure one of these guys soon so they can start recruiting.

After today Lane Kiffin will be the frontrunner.
But what about Todd Graham from Arizona St. He can could recruit Texas well.
Long shot but a great fit Justin Fuente.

I’ve actually heard Fuente’s name mentioned before. It died down a little and started focusing on Gus, but I don’t think that would be a bad hire.

I hope the U of A has already been in direct contact with at least 3-5 agents of coaches. The agents will advise their commodity if this could be a step up and with an upside. CBB got in because of “the letter” to Long. I don’t believe any other coach has tried that approach. Coaches are not going to go out on a limb if they have a good gig going, they will let their agents do the behind the scenes discussions and pray that it’s not leaked, so coaches can go on saying or denying any questions media people come up with. I think for the love of his home state, Gus would be a viable candidate, the verdict is still out on that option.

I love defense and that’s my choice for a HC. He needs SEC experience…
Pruitt of Alabama
Gratham of MSU
Venables of Clemson
I think Enos may be retained once interviewed. He can open an offense and let it rip. His biggest problem is an offensive line being coached up.
The defense needs revamped, especially in the secondary, linebackers, defensive line…yeah that side of the ball.
Just my opinion…
Carry On

So far this seems like a fairly predictable and rational way for the current UA administration to react.

Jeff Long was targeted by the Board of Trustees. They didn’t like him because he wasn’t Broyles, is from “The North,” and was a technocrat focused on building our brand and improving the lives of the student athletes while being a realist as to our expected ceiling as a middle-tier program historically.

The writing was on the wall for CBB but the chancellor and acting AD pulled the trigger after Long was canned. No one else could. The acting AD is auditioning for the open AD job. She does what an AD would do which is fire the coach and try to find a new one.

Who is in charge? The acting AD. She knows that we are pretty well screwed because the board fired Jeff Long after a tenure that was well-regarded outside of the state. They fired him too close to the end of the season and after many other programs had fired their coaches. There will not be time to get a new AD to hire a new coach. The acting AD must act. Does anyone really want her to convene a committee now when there are so many programs all scrambling to get a coach? We all know the short list of good coaches. She is likely trying to get one of them to come. Whether any will come to a school without an AD who just fired a good (to the rest of the world) AD is anyone’s guess. We had a shot with an out of the box hire with Jeff Long in place. Now we are just another middle-tier small state school vying with numerous other similar schools for the same scarce commodity. Maybe our acting AD will make a home run hire. Maybe she won’t. Blame the board for putting us in this position. Many a rival coach will get raises this year…

Meanwhile, has Wally Hall gone senile? What a rambling, incoherent article by him today.

From what i have heard and read from multiple sources and people we have moved on from Norvell.

And what sources are those about we’ve moved on from Norvell?

I’m going to continue to believe that the powers to be have planned their work and working their plan to bring stability and a winning program back to the great fans of Arkansas. It’s just ridiculous to think they become really upset and threw their hands up in the air and said fire JL and CBB and we will figure something out later, it would be ridiculous wouldn’t it ? WPS

Anyone support Summlin coming to the Hill? He knows how to recruit Texas & maybe he brings his D.C. With him. If Chavers can’t sure up the D nobody can.