OK Target ..Wally Hall

It seems it is OK to rip Wally Hall, Is there a list I did not see that has a list of those we can say demeaning comments about?

Your inferred proposition may be caloric related. Skimpy or non existent meals constitute a misdemeanor, Da more I miss, da meaner I get.

I should think that it would be stoically and obligingly tolerated were someone to rip Adolph Hitler or Charles Manson. Many of those same understanding, tolerant souls would NOT, however be so leniency-minded to someone ripping Mother Teresa or The Reverend Billy Graham. There are multi-level degrees of conditional support or rejection of harshly judgmental critiquing, depending upon the particular elements of the subject which is being addressed.

I didn’t establish and institute that definitive, unwritten rule of social media prosecution and indictment; I merely report it.

This is actually a very good observation. Personal attacks are not tolerated, unless directed at Wally Hall. Quite stunning, really.

Actually to me, both Hawg Lounge one and two have lately been posted by attack forces. The line in the sand seems to have vanished.

If we stub our toe in SEC play… the line in the sand may get totally wiped out.

I saw you basically called out our uber sensitive moderator for the same thing yesterday… I too was a bit surprised that Wally was a fair target for her. It was totally hypocritical of what the supposed standard for the board. I am actually ok with and enjoy the ribbing of Wally, and for that matter any of those in the public spotlight. In the new format when BA was know as “Pick 6” would that have been banned?

Yes, I speak from experience

Is it ripping or attacking to tell the truth? Hmmm.

That is conceivably very possible.

As an example: A law enforcement officer has some optional leeway in his relating to a family the tragic news of the death of the man of the house in a tragic highway accident.

He might break the unhappy news simply by relating to the family in a soft-spoken, sympathetic manner, the essential, sparse information pertinent to the death of the beloved family man, which resulted from a high speed accident on the highway.

Conversely, the family could have the complete scenario recounted in spades wherein the man of the house was drinking heavily and smoking pot with his young female companion - who was a known local prostitute - and ran his vehicle off the highway at a high rate of speed, struck a power line pole, disintegrating the crosspiece power line retainers at the apex of the pole, freeing the live power lines - which thereupon descended to the highway and fatally electrocuted the driver of a ramshackle truck carrying a prodigious brood of live chickens - fricasseeing the simpleton driver (who had his tee shirt on backwards and was wearing one brown sock and one blue one) and the entire multitudinous flock of his mother clucking cargo, permeating the vicinity with the reminiscent old-time aroma of singed chicken feathers, and gagging the officers dispatched to the scene to such an extent that they were unable to write the accident report. One of the officers happened to recognize the family man’s companion (the prostitute, who amazingly survived the accident with only superficial injuries), and, owing to the fact that he was often disposed to engage her professional services, he allowed her to surreptitiously exit the scene without making note of her involvement in his tardily-rendered, somewhat abridged report.

Now, - - - if you happened to be numbered among the family members receiving such morbid notification, - - - - which recounting would you prefer?

It is NOT always imperative, beneficial or advisable to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Some discernment between the competing factors of a desire or compunction to relate unflattering or unwelcome facts and the humanitarian restraint of genteel care in the selection of verbiage should be observed.

There you said it - “ribbing”, which we all have encountered on here to some degree and probably deserved it as well.
Big difference from “personal attacks” as you spoke of beforehand. Defining what is ribbing and if it corrolates to a personal attacks probably depends on the sensitivity of the ribbee or attackee. Usually personal attacks are quite obvious with harsh language and OVER THE TOP name calling. Gets yanked right out of the thread quickly.

I see you’re still riding a dead horse here, and you have that right.

Jim why are you and Silver so excited about riding dead horses? You two are starting to worry me. Is there something y’all need to share? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have had bad luck in the past riding live ones.
Same with mules.

I have had some bad luck riding live ones in the past,
Same with mules.

So was Mud and Pork tired?

Hung over and ornery maybe.

Maybe you should try fricasseeing them before riding them. :wink:

I am not a noted equestrian. I bestrode a few live ones back in the day, but I’ve never mounted a supine creature whose spirit had departed for that Great Corral in the sky. I will somewhat abashedly confess to having flogged such metaphoric inanimate creatures in a perturbed funk upon occasion. However, it has been my definitive experience that such pursuits almost always eventually run afoul of The Law Of Diminishing Returns. To squander an appreciable measure of energy upon the vigorous chastisement of a non puerile creature of fantasy will advance neither one’s energy level nor one’s progress in the reordering of one’s focus upon addressing more laudable aims and goals.

I have gleaned that jewel of wisdom belatedly in life, having paid an exorbitant price for it. You just got it for free.

I will read and reread with dictionary in hand.
Thanks all the same tho.

I expounded in a somewhat more expansive amendment after your post. I hope that clarifies the disclaimer distillation for you.

We rarely had posters of the gentler gender on the other board. I remember you told one of the few ones we had that she knew nothing about football and belonged in the kitchen cooking and washing the pots & pans. Davenport gave one of your past aliases a quick permanent board vacation on that one. However you just never seem to learn when to let it drop.