OK-I'm on the Anthracite HOG's bandwagon!


Looked pretty sharp!

Hope Bama ruffs up some tiggers.

I like the anthracite, especially when we win in them.

They can wear them all the time for all I care. Those helmets have the Hog on them just like their reds & whites. I’m an old dude that likes change. I guess mostly due to my hippie psychedelic past. Music opens the mind.

I still hate em, but if they continue to win like that, keep em.

BTW, I couldn’t see the Hog on the helmet from the stands.

Helmets would look better with a red Razorback.
One thing about the helmets that I only noticed when looking at them thru binoculars was they had the player’s # on the back that was barely visible.

I thought the chrome logos and face mask looked very cool on TV. We normally don’t have numbers on the helmet but it all looked great in high def.

I guess if the only spectators were those watching on TV, then those would be fine. Sort of like those red numbers on the black/gray unis looked fine on TV, but no one in the stadium could read them. :roll:

Well it’s just one game. Living out of state forces me to watch. But with big screens and surround sound me and the kid’s can still enjoy. The uni’s were sharp.

Yep, those new unis looked pretty dern good didn’t they! Pretty close to the color of the fur on the TUSKIV. I would be pleased to see those more often-maybe they will bring out the big ugly attitude that the OL and DL needs! HOGS YA’LL.