OK, guys, one thread deleted, one poster banned

We give you guys a lot of rope on the Lounge but eventually some people hang themselves. The ‘sorry butt fans’ thread is gone and the person who dragged it into the gutter is gone too after ignoring a direct warning. The rules are there for everyone to read at the top of the page that lists the threads. You ignore them at your peril.

Swine Fusion
Whole Hog Sports moderator

Dang Swine, I had just spent 30 mins looking up numbers to throw on the thread to rebutt the OP’s opinion. Lot of work for nothing.

Oh well, guess I got something for the next time :wink:

Sorry. I considered deletion this morning but decided to warn the prime offender instead. When he ignored the warning…

yeah that was strange…I engaged in the conversation but tried hard to keep it on football and facts.

Well, crap, I have been busy all day…and didn’t get to read what caused the thread to be deleted. I sure would like to be able to read the posts from today to see what happened…lol

Excuse me? I’ve been banned? Well, let’s see how that worked out. I guess it is ok to engross this fan base with irrelevant statements about coaches or athletic directors, or even players; yet, I can’t call out those who do such?

Enticing now.

Please repost the rules for all of us to see, so I can comb through them and refresh.


If you’re the one he warned, I’d be careful. The rules are posted. I’ve been in the banned position several times. Real simple, don’t be disrespectful. Saying I don’t think this coach is any good probably won’t get you banned, saying Bret is a stupid $&@- will.

Also, there are some pains and trolls that frequent the board, telling them that they are trolls and pains can get you a vacation, although you have a longer leash with trolls.

Thanks Baked. I’m not trying to be mean, but just like many posters who say they are tired of the coach, athletic director, players, etc; I’m tired of seeing them complain about it. Normally, I just don’t care; but this week has engraved my heart a little more, and since few have been positive about anything Lately, I’m about to unlesh a storm onto them. If i have to do so within a set of rules, then I’ll craft my storm accordingly. If I have to use duel VPNs, Social Suites, and multiple logins to accomplish such then I will.

From here on out, I will defend whatever coach, players, administrator, writer, or valiant fan that I see being disrespected on this board.

I use NuVi, Hootsuite, Cryotomobile, Wireshark, and other tools, and I’ll see the same posts on this page as within a number of other sites. Upon which I’ll engage the posters there too.

Being a retired lawyers gives me time to do such. So be it.

This is a free board and it’s probably indexed - so check The Way Back Machine (use today as your index) and you should be able to see it.

Is that you Nostra? Shhhh, Clay will see

Actually I do not understand why anyone would have read more than a couple lines before
hitting the back button.

No you were not banned. Reposting the rules is not necessary. They have always been there, you just didn’t bother to read them.

To read the rules go to this link: Whole Hog Sports Forum Rules. Also, if you go to the Hawg Lounge forum page, you can look at the [color=#990000]Announcements[/color] section atop the page. The third topic there is the one linked above.

I have read through them, and thanks for pointing them out. I will make sure to follow said rules.