Oh well, so much for this season.,

If Arkansas can’t even compete against MIZZOU, who will lose quite a few times this yr, they don’t stand a chance, especially against TN, or for that matter against AL, LSU, KY, either, and I don’t want to hear your opinion on KY, they will beat Arkansas, until Arkansas PROVES they can win, and this team is miles away from that. KY is struggling but they’ll still beat Arkansas guaranteed, because Arkansas is a very selfish squad, they have enough talent, but there’s no chemistry or cohesion, they look funny on the court, the play is so bad. Tennessee will put 100 on the board next week against Arkansas…

If most sec teams played the preseason schedule Kentucky played, they would also have a losing record including Arkansas. All you have to do is look at the schedule and see that won lost record means nothing when one team is playing ranked teams every night and the other is playing practice bait.

It’s premature to suggest one loss determines the entire season. We shot poorly as a team from the field and the free throw line, which was our downfall. That won’t be normal.

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MIZZOU is not exactly bad guys, they’re #12 in the country.

Did you think Arkansas was beating Auburn on the road? How bout Bama beating #10 Tennessee on the road?

I’m not making any predictions from 1 game to the next.


And if Arkansas shoots a dismal 35% yesterday they probably win. Those kind of games just flare up on every team occasionally. I don’t doubt there will be other head scratchers this year, but I think this group will regroup

The Hogs will struggle with teams that have a physical presence in the paint because our bigs aren’t physical outside of possibly Smith and he’s out for 2-3 weeks.
So, we must shoot well, make our free throws, force turnovers and covert those into points in order to win conference games with this roster.

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