O-Line Pride

Cool story wrtten by RD today on Dalton Wagner. Personally, I have high hopes for the offensive line this season under Kurt Anderson. The “O-Line pride” mantra should create a tight brotherhood and seems to be taking hold with the new guys like Wagner, as well. They may redshirt, but having Wagner and the other two freshmen “Musketeers” [Clenin and Adcock] on campus early could eventually be a huge bonus. Hopefully, a year to stablize and form some chemistry will make for a much improved offensive front. If so, we [still] have some young talent at running back and Austin Allen’s uniform should stay far more clean than a year ago.

Woo Pig.

Thanks dwp. Dalton is always fun to talk to. The Wagners are truly a close family.

Two thumbs up, RD. The character and/or family values of these kids being recruited by Bielema and staff has usually been impressive. Insightful story.

Yes I liked the story as well and never knew that Oline Pride was actually a brotherhood culture being established by Coach Anderson. I thought it was a slogan more or less, thanks RD for expanding on this culture for present and future Oline Hogs!

Thanks RD for the insight on the Oline Pride perspective. Initially I thought it just to be a recruiting pitch only and I believe it still is a “part” of it. But Coach Anderson is taking it to a different level with the big boys. Linemen have always been a clannish bunch anyway, but the fact that these guys aren’t individualizing themselves, but instead are embracing the O-line Pride as a true team culture and addressing it at a higher standard speaks volumes about the Coach and the players.
I see good things for us in the future with this mantra.