O-Line changes needed

This configured line isn’t getting it done in run or pass blocking, so time is now during the bye week to make complete changes within that group.
If Ragnow is our best all around O-Lineman then perhaps he should get some reps at left tackle, he has the size for the position and from all reports Jake Raulerson whom has gotten bigger and stronger since last season could take his spot at center or possibly Zack Rogers. Get some beef at both guard spots with Jalen Merrick and Johnny Gibson while Brian Wallace and Colton Jackson battle with everyone else for right tackle.
They have to make changes because the lineup that we’ve put out there for the first two games won’t be able to compete in the SEC, we’ve seen enough of a sample to have that figured out by now.
The Frodholt experiment should be over with for now, just put him back as a nose guard for much needed depth at that position of weakness on the defensive front.
It was a nice try by Brett, but it’s not worked out for the young man nor our football team. He still has the same footwork issues that led to many missed blocks last year and again this season. Use his brawn and strength on the D-line for the good of everyone.
If we continue with this current O-Line I honestly don’t know if we can reach 5-7 and The coaches have to know that records like that get the moving trucks warming up and awaiting the call to come and move you out of town.
Surely, they know that’s the end result of not meeting expectations in their profession.
What would it hurt to try to shake things up, right now with Ragnow, Frodholt and Clary at the core of the line we can’t smash it in inside the five yard line with 3 attempts, do they believe somehow that will magically change against the likes of Alabama, Auburn or LSU?

Go Hogs!

Or just fire Kurt Anderson bc he isn’t getting it done

its hard for me to fathom how we can go from having one of the best O-lines in nation during Bielema’s 3rd year to it being so porous. my only guess is that recruiting has suffered with the loss of Sam Pittman. granted Ragnow is an obvious NFL caliber player, but i dont see anyone else on the line who carries his weight. i assume Wallace isnt starting because of practice or off the field issues because he did a decent job last year when he took over at RT. at least he has obvious talent, god-given ability which gives some hope.

i kinda of like the idea of moving Ragnow to LT and switching up the line. maybe you put Jackson at RT, Wallace at RG, Rogers at C, and Froholdte or Merrick at LG. we obviously struggle more with the small, athletic DL’s than the more robust lines so obviously we should get more athletic.

FB would not have built the program he did if he had not hired quality assistant coaches . Money on facilities is meaningless if you cannot hire quality assistants.