Nutt to Arkansas?

The rap that I had always heard on Houston Nutt, was that talent wise, he could do a lot with a little and little with a lot. At this point, I’m not so sure that Bret Bielema qualifies for either. Regardless, I’m not really in agreement with Boo Williams, but would like to get some opinions from the lounge. … t-arkansas

Likely to be a divisive topic, but what’s the word, Hog brothers and sisters?

He’s a motivated but can’t recruit a lick. He would have a hard time putting a staff together in my opinion. Of course his piece meal staff couldn’t be any more lack luster than what we have. I’d like to see the complete Troy staff that beat LSU over Nutt and what he could do. I’m not a Houston Nutt fan.

He did win the SEC West three times. I know the conference is different now. Which brings up a question, how does the state of Alabama have 2 teams in the top six in the country? Arkansas has one Power 5 conference team that may have lost to A-State this year. Is it Gus? Alabama is not the only show in town.

Not just no but…hell no.

Long would have to give free liquor at all the games.

Would welcome Nutt back in a skinny second. But then I would take anybody over what we have.

To say Nutt couldn’t recruit a lick is admitting you know very little about what you are talking about and Arkansas football.

Alabama is in the hotbed of southern recruiting. Alabama itself, but also being close to Georgia and Florida helps.

Part of Nutts success was that he overloaded his recruiting classes and then a diamond in the rough or two would emerge. He couldn’t do that now, so to question his recruiting is understandable.

That would be nuts. :wink:

I’m not inclined toward Nutt’s return - - OR Petrino’s - - but nobody’s going to care what I think about who would - or would not - be a good hire for HC anyway. Like the rest of you, I’ll just have to wait to see who The Powers That Be come up with; - - - - and what their rationale and criteria might prove to be.