Not sure why they need a Private CIA meeting in NLR to discuss Bielema..

The bottom line is the guy can’t coach, that’s it, that’s all. It’s nothing personal, I can’t rebuild transmissions, I can take em a part, that’s easy… He should get into politics in Arkansas…

Looking like there will be a change.

Kinda a no brainer ain’t it?

Long can’t show his hand too soon; that’s why he needed the BOT in “executive session”, which under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act can ONLY happen for “personnel matters”. (They didn’t vote in public afterwards, as FOIA requires for formal decisions made in executive session, because the final decision belongs to Long & Chancellor Steinmetz.)

I agree that no matter what, Bielema is gone; he had to beat both LSU & MSU to have even a slim chance of saving his job. Still, the way coaching works in top-tier CFB, Long has to be able to negotiate with the next coach in private; that could be a problem if he fires Bielema today, as opposed to after MSU or Mizzou. Long needs to recruit our next coach in a more proper manner, without the ghosts of past firings from Jack Crowe (and before) to Bobby Petrino; otherwise we’re too likely to get another John L. Smith.

The lack of activity on this social media board today should tell the BOT and the AD & Chancellor all they need to know about how the interest in watching this product now and in the future will be in the HC is not terminated.

They won’t win another game in the Bielema era!
Time to look toward the future and a fresh vision with a new HC.

It was a regular scheduled meeting, not a private CIA pone.

Nobody flew into the Mena airport.

But…but…what about all these experts?