Not sure why everyone doesn't sign early these days?

It’s not like you can’t switch into the transfer portal anytime you want, if you’re not happy. All you’re doing is saying, I’m going to start my career at a particular school.

I think for some guys there is a financial component, both as to how much NIL money they can line up if they go to a particular school and for the elites whether they will make more money going right to non-NBA pro ball.

There’s also some guys that want to wait to see how the current roster shakes out at a given school during the season and whether a coach/assistant coach is likely to be around.

That makes sense, good points I didn’t consider. It’s long overdue these kids started making money, they earn a lot more for their school’s, than the costs of a 4 yr degree. Should’ve happened decades ago, at in the 80’s at the latest.

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