Not going to get much easier....

Welcome to the SEC schedule… Our next game is Ole Miss who had a bye week as we played Bama, Then Auburn who has a by week when we play Ole Miss. Giving them both a two weeks of prep. Then LSU who seems revitalized with a new coach and a more open system. AA is playing better than I thought he would … it is other areas where we are lacking. Still have the system where it seems … we need to play the perfect penalty free, turn over free, bad call free game in order to win vs. equal competition. Then of course only the bad stuff happens to the other team.

Much is the key word there TSO, Sec play can’t get any tougher than the two we have already played. At this point I don’t see anyone beating Bama and possibly A&M only losing to Bama. But as for wins I think most fans thought we would be right where we are, just didn’t think it would be this ugly getting to this point.WPS

I know it is early but here we are talking about our marquee losses instead of some quality wins. The squeakier over TCU is getting cheapened with their lack of dominance over teams like Kansas. Ole Miss Will be a tough one, they sling it around, which is always a challenge with us. Auburn took us to OT last year at home and now have them on the road, they seem a bit better than last year and we are a bit worse? Is 4-4 and 0-4 headed our way?

You hit on something with that “bad call” reference. I listened to the radio telecast of the Alabama game along with TV. Chuck Barrett & Keith Jackson were sure laying it to SEC officials like I have never heard before. Jackson even made a statement that it was his right since this was his last year on the radio telecast. They talked about obviously visible illegal ‘pick plays’ for an Alabama TD. They talked about Alabama defensive backs obviously holding our receivers. Barrett called the SEC an Alabama conference. I applaud all this honest & frank media coverage in a world of media deception. However I remember when Frank Broyles fired Joe Klein off Hog basketball radio for just a small bit of that critical judgement of SEC basketball refs. All this makes me think something is probably afoot behind the scenes. Maybe Bielema & Long are finally getting tired of the reffing craziness. It is long overdue.

I am not going to say the refs cost us the game, cause they didn’t. But, after awhile the butthurt is just too much to ignore. The holding call on the TD pass was just ridiculous! CBB had a valid point and I am glad he threw a tantrum!! The back judge is only responsible for the interior(Guard to Guard) and had no business calling that penalty from his point of view. Also, on the same red zone series, Hatcher gets grabbed by the DB when he makes his cut in the end zone. The announcer said “The reason it was not called PI is because the ball had not been thrown yet.” Well he is absolutely correct. It is not PI when the ball is not in the air. It is called defensive holding! Should have been half the distance to the goal and automatic first down. That series was a huge momentum swing. If we would have gotten the TD, it would have been 28-14 at halftime. Then, we would have had the ball coming out of the locker room. Instead, it was 28-10 and no momentum swing going into halftime. Almost every pass play they replayed showed Bama DBs holding onto the Hog WR’s jersey! It makes bump and run a lot easier to play when you can get away with defensive holding 9 out of 10 times! :evil:

And I wont even get into the obvious holding by the bama WRs and pulling linemen while bama was attacking the perimeter with their running game. :?

Now that I have my “we got hosed by the refs” rant out of the way, :lol: I can address the topic of the thread. I totally disagree with the comment of it not getting any easier. I don’t see another team on our schedule that is playing on the same level as Bama and aTm. If there is tell me what I am missing here. Our remaining schedule has no undefeated top 10 teams remaining. Florida has 1 loss and every other team on the schedule has 2 or more. Also, we have Ole Miss, Florida, and LSU at home, and Auburn, Miss St., and Mizzou on the road. If you were able to schedule you last 6 games, is that not the perfect schedule? The 3 toughest teams at home and the 3 weakest teams on the road.

I am not the only one to have an optimistic outlook for the rest of the Hogs season. Watching the SEC Now show, Saturday night, “Booger” McFarland said he would not be shocked what so ever if the Hogs finished 5-1 or 6-0 in the second half of the season. IMHO, I think 4-2 or 5-1 is what my expectations are for the last 6 games. Ole Miss, to me, is the best team left on the schedule. Followed by Florida, LSU, Auburn, Mizzou, and Miss State. I will hold firm to my prediction of 8-4 or 9-3. For what I consider to be a rebuilding year, not to bad. My expectations for next year will be double digit wins. I thought last year should have been the year we got 10 wins. We just blew it last year with losses to Toledo and TT. That was my first strike for the current coaching staff. Next year I expect for us to make another step forward. If not, that will be strike 2. I just don’t think Arkansas has the ability to compete with for the SEC every year. I do believe we should make some noise every other year. Those are my expectations for the program.

Liked your optimistic view of the rest of the season, very refreshing, Good post. WPS

Show me a stat in CBB’s time here where playing at home is an advantage… I have not seen that … Toledo, T-Tech.
Ole Miss… lost to what FSU and BAMA and they were up on Bama by quite a few. Ole Miss we will not be favored…

CBB is 15-10 at home and 7-12 in games played outside of the state. If you take way his first year it is 12-6 at home and 7-7 outside of the state. As for the Ole Miss comment, they are 3-2. Bama and aTm are both 6-0. So yes, I do believe that Bama and aTm are on a different level as Ole Miss, right now. I didn’t say that the rest of the schedule are all cupcakes. I just think that the next 4 games are coin flips and that the last 2 we should be favored. Of the next 4 teams we play, we beat 3 of them last year. Two of them we have beaten in back to back seasons. Does that mean we will win them? No, it doesn’t. I do, however, think that we have a chance to finish strong. WPS

We lost this game during two a days. Same with the Aggies. Now everyone knows how to beat us. Smack us hard in the teeth and we will lay down. Expect the same from Ole Miss, Auburn and LSU. CBB has been very open about taking it easy during two a days the last couple of years. We struggled to move the ball on Alcorn State fellas. We need to wake up and realize that Coach B needs to go. I believe we are about to get beat in our next 3 conference games. So what then ? We have wins over a mediocre TCU team , SWTSU and a one point win over LA Tech to brag about ?

Come on people this is NOT Razorback football. Time for a change.