Norvell is out.

Norvell just signed an extension with Memphis. Looks like the Morris to Arkansas rumors may be true.

I don’t have a problem with a Chad Morris Head Coaching hire.
I believe with his Texas roots he will be able to sign 7 or 8 quality players per recruiting class.
I also believe his style of offense will attract the type of speed and athleticism the Hogs will need to be able to compete at a higher level in the future. Garry Bohannon should be his first priority and phone call.
Morris will need to make a great DC hire if we are truly going to be able to take the steps forward as a program that we desire. Hopefully, he will retain a few key cogs in the Arkansas wheel like Barry Lunney Jr. and perhaps see about getting Tim Horton back in the fold. However, it is a must that he gets the guys on staff to recruit Texas and if that means the end of Bobby Allen’s tenure then so be it and good riddance.
We should know after he has an opportunity to recruit next years class what type of impact he can possibly make on the state of the program.

Agreed on all points.

In my opinion, Chad Morris is a better fit, as Dfarris and others have said, on many different levels. I also think he has the highest ceiling among the candidates being considered, as you have mentioned. With some home spun, Texas recruiting and the right DC, Morris could have a quick impact.

I’m with you. I was a big Norvell fan early but the more I researched Morris the more I liked him. If you watch a press conferemce he is very down to earth and humble and he obviously knows what he is talking about.

Why the angst towards Allen? I don’t anticipate the coach to keep him but what has he done to you? He’s been a loyal member to the hogs.

I don’t understand it, either. He has given his best to the university as a coach or even in the role he has now. He has no more sons to be QB at the UA. You may not have liked them but they gave their all as QB, Austin getting battered practically every game the last two years. I salute the Allen family for their contributions to the UA football program.

Both Allen brothers were pounded into pulp behind our substandard line. They showed a world of toughness that few quarterbacks have and did a remarkable job of trying to be positive throughout the onslaught.

They never whined to the press and they played their butts off. They never had the team that would have allowed their skills to be shown. I thank them and the rest of the team for trying to overcome a poor job of coaching. They were better then their record reflects and the cupboard is not empty for the next coach.

I hope that next season will be better. WPS

The reason to replace Bobby Allen is simple, Coach Morris is a Texas guy and he probably already knows whom he needs to be in the position of High School relations to light a fire with recruits to sign with the Hogs, especially in Texas where we need to recruit with success.
It’s nothing personal, it’s business which is what recruiting is and we have to start the winning process by winning on signing day.
I’m sure Mr. Allen is a fantastic man and has served the UofA well, but now it’s time for some new folks to inject some enthusiasm into the program.
As I stated earlier I would suggest that Coach Morris reach out to Tim Horton to gage his interest in joining the staff along with retaining Barry Lunney Jr. because of their relationships with Arkansas High School Coaches. Tim could help improve our very porous special teams as Coordinator which is his current role at Auburn.
He may also want to consider talking with Michael Smith due to his recruiting ties to Louisiana and perhaps Vernon Hargraves.
Mr. Allen may very well be able to play a role with the new Coaching staff and Coach Allen will determine after talking with him if he would bring the type of value he feels is needed.
The first major hire for Coach Morris will be who he is able to pick to be the new Defensive Coordinator, we need a guy that recruits want to play for in an attacking defensive scheme, not a bend bout don’t break ideology. We’ve had that type of defense for far to long and we’ve done nothing but bend and break, I believe we are all sick of it!

Good luck Coach Morris!
Go Hogs!

I gotcha. I took your “Good riddance” comment in a negative way. I don’t expect Coach Morris to keep him or any of the coaches unless he sees it necessary.