he the guy?

seeing on twitter that a deal is close with Norvell. of course, can’t trust all of that but what if? He is an Arkansas guy…right? UCA grad, born in the DFW area. Seems to meet the criteria of getting a guy with Arkansas ties…guess we’ll see

Let me just say this. For all the whine, hate, disrepect, etc one might read on these boards … it is NOTHING compared to what is happening on Tennessee boards right now. Holy Cow. They might need to cancel Tennessee football and try Rugby to get past this Coach Hired/Not event.

seeing that too…my gosh what a disaster

Geeze i hope so… … 81301.html

what we really need is a GREAT RECRUITER and some good assistant coaches.

Good Read, thanks for the link!

Who cares about Tennessee?

It appears Norvell is the guy…when and if Gus moves out of the picture…with Kiffin lurking…and I was hoping for Venables! :slight_smile:

Oh…let it be so.