We haven’t steamrolled anybody, you know

But the fact still remains that we’re now 2 and 0


Main thing is that TCU did not steamroll us. I am very happy we won the ball game and hope the offense gelled. This was a big ROAD WIN.

TCU used a new defense that we had not seen.
The Oline continues to improve (not enough), and AA showed improvement in his 2nd game.
AA played good in spite of break downs in protection
This week was an amazing performance on the road, in a hostile environment, against a #15 team.

Just when TCU steamrolled right past us with 21 straight points and the game took that familiar turn for the worst for us and my head was hanging down and thinking oh well we played another good game until late, it was like bam - we caught a second wind reached down deep and steamrolled right back.
A big thanks to Mr Hill who’s cocky mental gaff set us up for a good kick off return, rest is history.


Thanks to Kenny for the Thrill of Victory for the Hogs!

The illustrious Mr. Hill’s use of the prohibited gesture instigated a 15 yard advantage for us on the ensuing kickoff and carried considerable weight in our favorable field position gain, launching the renewed momentum for a Hogs scoring drive. Don’t you just really appreciate generous contributors to Hogs fortunes such as the demonstrative Mr. Hill? I know that his coaches and his teammates (not to mention his parents, who were in attendance) are SO very proud of him!

An outstanding game by all accounts, the Hogs never gave up, even when it looked clearly like TCU was going to take it away from us. Seasons can be defined by games like this. While there is still much work to be done on the offensive line to provide cover for the running game, Enos figured out what needed to work and Allen executed it very skillfully. I do hope the coaching staff rests the skill position starters if it looks like the game against Texas St. is well in hand next week. Lots of long nights in the film room remain as the season won’t get any easier after next Saturday.

We have to find a way to retain Enos for the long term, more teams are going to be pursuing him than ever before I’m afraid. One more outbursts between Saban & Kiffin and they will be looking for a OC, Kiffin is going to get tired of that pretty quick one would think. I know Enos has a clause about going to another Sec team but big names are going to be calling wait and see. WPS

I’ve seen multiple TCU fans suggesting that Kenny Hill’s throat slash wasn’t a throat slash at all, but the sign language sign for “king.” That might be true(I don’t know sign language to say yay or nay) but why in the world would you put yourself or your team in a position of like that? He’s the king of foolishness if anything.

I saw this tweet this morning. I think Kenny Hill belongs in the bottom list:

His visions of victory then turned to ash

When Mr. Hill executed the slash

It WAS deliberate - and it showed no class

And it came back to bite him in the ***


Hogbacker-I think you’re right there are going to be a lot of people looking for coach ENOS to save them. If we make a serious run and get into the NC conversation by knocking off bama count on it!HOGS YA’LL.

I don’t know if the penalty made a difference or not. We moved the ball pretty easily. Maybe the good field position gave the momentum. Who knows? I believe we only used one of the two minutes left and had a timeout left. So, my personal opinion is that we still would have scored; just would have taken a couple more plays and TCU maybe doesn’t have time for the blocked field goal attempt. We still end up in overtime. Maybe the block gave us the momentum needed for overtime. Nobody can say for sure. But, I don’t think you can say without the penalty (whether it was a throat slash or harmless sign language; still a penalty by rule), the game was over.

I won’t persist in any further commentary on this issue after this post. Regardless of Hill’s debatable intent or the specific nature of sentiment he wished to spontaneously and dramatically express, Hill KNEW - or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN - that the gesture would very likely be interpreted as one which was prohibited - - and that it would subsequently be subject to being flagged and having a penalty levied for it’s enactment. His consuming need for joyous, celebratory, denigrating, in-your-face victory expression overrode any and all concern for any anticipated consequences for his self aggrandizing action.

If we should ever have to hire another OC I would like for us to consider Major Applewhite at Houston,I like his offense,

Definitely a lot of positives in the TCU game for the Hogs. However I saw one very stark ghost from last season, Hedlund on late game FG’s. They were blocked several times late last year as against Mississippi State with the block directly resulting in the loss. The one against TCU that clanked off the goalpost caused an extreme momentum shift that resulted in that nail biting finish. A 23-7 lead with TCU saying Oh Shucks one more time might have been the ballgame right there. Instead the TCU crowd erupted on the miss like TCU had just won the game and TCU took off to fulfill their dreams. There were several TV shots of Hedlund over on the Hog sidelines looking very dejected while TCU was making their 21 point 4th Quarter run. Bielema should have a drill where this guy kicks FG’s with the clock running down for hours. It should be translated to him as a walk in the park by some Hog coach. No excuse for this to continue. I think Hedlund just needs to make one late one time.

I don’t care how many drills and simulated game situations that they run in practice, IT IS STILL PRACTICE! There is nothing that they can do to put the same pressure on any player (QB, RB, DT or PK) that they feel on a situation that decides a game.

Kiffin will be a head coach next year no matter how many times Saban chews him out. Unless offered HC, Enos cannot take another SEC job, non-compete in his contract.

Kiffin will be a head coach next year no matter how many times Saban chews him out. Unless offered HC, Enos cannot take another SEC job, non-compete in his contract.

Will that is obvious. Bielema does have a punter this year but problems still seem to exist in the kicking game as has been the problem since he has been in Fayetteville. Of course you must have athletic ability at those kicking positions. I think Hedlund qualifies there. I don’t know how else to straighten his apparent problems out but with practicing and counseling. I have heard the best way for coaching an NFL kicker is to leave them alone to mentally work it out themselves. Maybe Bielema believes along those lines. Maybe Hedlund will finally work it out mentally with a coaching change in the last 1/2 of his senior season like the previous QB.