No Respect in basketball!

The Razorbacks actually lost points in the AP rankings…LOL… Completely ridiculous!

Not entirely surprised. GTech followed up our game by narrowly beating Bethune-Cookman, and we struggled to beat Northern Kentucky at home.

And Georgia beat GT handily.

Sorta; they won by 4.

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They won by 4 bobghawg !

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The hogs need to beat some better teams! Just keep wining and it will all work out.

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You have to earn respect GT is the only team that we won that we were not picked to win as far as know. As well as we have played so far has been pleasant surprise but as far as competing on the big stage we’ve not done that yet. I feel we are headed in the right direction but have a tough road a head of us that will give us a better idea where we stand. The future seems very bright with the recruiting that’s been done so far and if CEM can recruit this way season after season we should see some very good basketball by our Hogs. WPS

I’m not that worried about rankings at the moment, but I will say this. If we’re 10-0 and still haven’t cracked the top 25, I will more than likely start to become very annoyed.
I just think we still have a little more to prove at this point.

Georgia Tech was also without their number one player. They have been struggling for a few years now. I like where they are going but I can’t honestly say they are a top 25 team. We got lucky with Northern KY. with them missing the wide open three at the end. You’re not going to win many SEC games shooting 40% and they have been around there lately. That said, they’re still undefeated and have could easliy be 11-1 or 12-0 going into league play with Indiana being the big game (undefeated also). Go .500 in league play and they’re at the dance

I would slightly disagree, I thought Arkansas had a good game plan, and they balled in out in Atlanta, GT beat NC ST on the road also, and that’s never easy going on the road at any basketball school in NC.

Can’t look ahead, looking ahead will get you beat every time, but Saturday will definitely be the toughest road trip thus far for Arkansas…They beat Arkansas last yr, and their top players return, and obviously their coach is an experienced SEC coach…Not to mention, EVERYONE has them penciled in as their conference winner.

Isaiah Joe needs to warm up more before games, he’s too good to be missing anything really…He’s better in the 2nd half, which tells me, he’s not doing enough to get loose before the games.

After the WKY and Indiana games are over we will have a better idea where the hogs are headed. With the lack of size and depth it will be be hard to compete with everyone on our schedule.
Respect won’t come until the hogs beat Auburn or Kentucky