No politics

we have been asked not to make any political post, which I understand, but when you run a very political article, Nate Jones 4/16/2021 article, we are expected not to have a comment!
Help me here can we comment on the article or not?

Yes, until it eventually gets locked.
Some can dish it out, but can’t take it once things are exposed or has a dissenting opinion than the narrative being touted.

I think you are probably talking about Nate Allen. I do not know a Nate Jones.

FYI, he does not work for our site or our paper. He is free lance. And, yes, he does love to write politics.

I can’t be around him without him bringing up politics. I walk away. Not something I’ll do with anyone.

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Yes I did mean Nate Allen. Thank you for your response. I didn’t realize he was free agent reporter…:joy::joy:

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