No one wants to fire MA, that other post was on February 8th..

I have ((((repeatedly))))said only a complete fool would fire Mike Anderson, and that I made that post after losses to Mizzou and Vandy and was just mad.

Why you guys keep bringing it back up instead of the other more recent posts endorsing him 100%, only you can answer.

I have never had a problem with Mike Anderson, I wouldn’t have fired Nolan for that matter, no matter what he said to the media, because like mr, he was venting after a loss, and that’s all that was.

Should I change my mind, unlike several complete LIARS on here, I will tell you. My strong belief is the program is heading in a very positive direction, and over the next ten yrs, there will be ups and downs, but I also think we will compete for SEC CHAMPIONSHIPS, and Final Fours…

In hindsight, I believe most everyone wishes Nolan had not been fired. The problem is, Nolan would say things that although true was offensive to most fans. Perhaps a head coach needs to a politician. Regardless, it didn’t amount to much. It is like the kneeling. That didn’t amount to much either but it was offensive to most fans.

Jeff, I believe you when you say you aren’t calling for MA to be fired. I understand that post was after two hard losses. People tend to say rash things after losses. I try to take a step back and breath a little bit before commenting on a loss. But, I know, as a fan, I could just have easily written something like that after a loss (or two losses). And yes, I think the program is headed in the right direction. Will I feel that way if we lose out? Ha, we’ll see…

To me you can be offensive, just win, and he won…But that’s my opinion… There was some racism that Nolan faced over the yrs also. I remember someone shot at one of his horses, or something like that. I think black men and all women, are judged with a huge double standard, and I think Nolan was for yrs and yrs around here. I think a couple bad seasons coupled with unfair judgement probably because of the color of his skin just finally wore on him, and he vented. Bobby Knight took a chair and threw it across the court and he’s considered a basketball legend, Nolan just said something like if you don’t like the results, fire me, or something like that… There’s a huge double standard black men and all women face in America…IMHO…

Thanks, yeah I was just angry, I hate losing, even in my first coaching job, I couldn’t stand losing so badly I got three techs in like 5 mins, and was tossed.

You can’t win in the locker room. Well, I guess you can if you have a great assistant!