No need to panic....

I know some will come on here to spew their hatred, but we have a good team. We made mental mistakes that are easily fixable. Love the fight in AA. We’ve got a good team and can still have a big season.

Agreed, we had our chances to win. We can rebound and still do a lot of damage.
The 2 fumbles in the first half, and the goal line stand in the 3rd decided the game.
I still see this team going 10-2 or 9-3.

Hope you are right…but it sure looks tough watching all those long runs and passes from A&M while our rushing attack was pretty much shut down all night. I don’t see many pansies left on the schedule.

And I think there are lots of teams left on our schedule with a whole lot better defense than A&M has.

Tonight was tough to watch.
The Oline actually did really well for 3 quarters dealing with the aTm pass rush.
The running game made big plays for us at times.
Our defense played very well, but wilted after the goal line stand.
The o line has talent, but needs more experience.
mental errors beat us more than anything tonight.

We need to step up recruiting especially the OL. We haven’t been able to really run on anyone so far this year and now that we’re in SEC play it’s going to get worse. Bielema is counting on his coaching ability to coach up some of these linemen with average talent and it won’t work in this league. If I had to grade one coach tonight I would give Enos a C-.

The Hogs will not win no 9 or 10 games this year if all an SEC team just needs do is have us !st & Goal to avoid our ever scoring a TD. That goal line is man against man. This team just does not appear to have those horses. The O-Line is lacking. That was evident.

The believe the talent is there, experience is what most come. Up until the end of the 3rd quarter, the aggie pass rush was not a factor. Only when we had to abandon the run did the aggie rush hit us hard. As for the red zone woes, your right, Enos was just not clicking tonight.

Enos basically tried to run the RBs off tackle, QB up the middle, and a dreadful WR reverse on 4th and inches. Dreadful.
No Sprinkle, no Morgan quick slant. no Imagination.
I love Enos playcalling as a whole, but tonight he just didn’t have it.

we lost to the number 10 team in the country. the better team won. we made too many mistakes, plain and simple. the winner of the west will not go undefeated. we still are in it, but we have to beat alabama. but so does everybody else. what can you say about our QB. tough as nails.

When you say you see this team going 10-2, 9-3… You mean A&M right?

Name a team on our schedule, besides bama, that looks more impressive than aTm right now.

At least we handed it to them early this year without the OT drama.
We went toe to toe, but also had blunder after blunder in the RZ.
Offensively we match up with theirs, we march it down their throat just like designed, then went soft in the RZ or fumbled or just mentally collapsed. Experience is key there.

Defensively, we are still lacking talent wise plain and simple, not the coaches fault there, he has recruited as good as expected, no prior coaches have recruited any better on defense, but no prior coaches have faced this type of SEC schedule either, and that is fact.

Lot of football left, chin up and move forward.


Another case of poor red zone performance. You can’t beat quality opponents anywhere without capitalizing inside the five.They were in trouble with kicking a field goal, behind with goal line fumble, destroyed with 4th down effort. 8-4 7-5 the Hogs are not built to overcome being exposed. And they are tripping over their pants around their ankles. They can’t run anywhere but to the woodshed.

7-5 or 8-4 at best is all I can see with team as well. People that see this as just a minor bump are looking through rose colored glasses. Arkansas was the better team than Texas A&M everywhere but on the offensive line. Our offensive line was so damn inferior it cost us the game. It could get absolutely zero push off the line of scrimmage inside the 5 yard line against the Texas A&M defense. I have watched Razorback football since the early 1960’s. That was the poorest performance I ever ever witnessed by an Arkansas offensive line on the goal line throughout a game. it was pathetic. That kind of dreadful problem is just not going to disappear now that we are soon going to be playing quality SEC opponents weekly. Enjoy next week’s cupcake.

agree. Just one of those games. Clearly stubborn thinking on the offense play calling on those goal line downs. With AA able to throw and receivers like the Hogs have, after one or two runs where A&M has their entire student body lined up in the box, pull out one of those fun plays and get it done.

Obviously the Oline needs more experience and they got some of that last night. For those that will gafaw me … I think this team plays Alabama even at home … Mississippi will be a barn burner, but the rest of the schedule is winnable. Arkansas teams have proven the ability to learn and adapt under BB and I think we seem more of the same in the next two months.

This was a total team loss. The O line looked outclassed and overmatched all night. The play calling by Enos was highly questionable at critical times. The D gave up way too many big plays. Costly turnovers. Stupid penalties. Worst loss since the Georgia game in the Rock a couple of years ago. Kudos to Austin Allen. Did the best he could. Even he got upset with the coaches at one point (caught yelling at Enos presumably on a break between plays by the sideline mic). Time for the coordinators to earn their salaries.

Yep and Bret didn’t fix them quitting like he did before. I think he sensed Enos cost us that game.

After the bonehead sweep decision, it honestly looked like AA and Cornelius were the only ones that wanted to play.

While I agree our inside the 5 yard play left something to be desired, though I put most of that on Enos, I don’t see how after 1 loss you can justify saying 7-5 or 8-4 is the best we can do. You said it yourself, you believe we beat A&M at every level except the o line(that’s not true, but you’re opinion). Bama will of course be tough. Ole Miss, I believe will rebound very quickly, and maybe Mizzou with their offense might be tough, but then again all 3 are beatable, as well as every other team on our schedule. Our o line play wasn’t bad, and if you think that was the worst, then you must have slept through the quick reign of the John L. and watching Tyler Wilson get planted on a gamely basis.

I think you may have slept through it. Not trying to be critical toward you. Last night after the bonehead sweep, we had players quit, just like when Wilson got hurt at ULM. The D basically was going through the motions. I’ve seen the team attempt to quit on Bret before and he corrected it immediately. I didn’t see Bret do anything about it last night. Watching AA in the 4th qtr yell at the sideline about speeding up, makes me think the coaches checked out early too.

Your dreaming. 9-10 wins…NOT going to happen. I will find your real name and pay you money if they do. Arkansas will lose at least 3 more games if not 4.