Next two games are a huge step up in Competition for Arkansas men’s Basketball!

S Dakota State and G-Tech are playing solid basketball. If Arkansas wins them both, they should be in the Top 25 for the first time in a minute, a long minute.

I love MA, all around great human being, but these kids are already showing tremendous improvement, under Musselman, especially on Defense. Obviously going to have to shoot way better from the 3, to have a chance on the road in Atlanta in a few days.

I would caution everyone with lofty expectations for this Razorback basketball team at this early point in a long season. I agree that the next two opponents will provide a better level of competition along with the final four opponents on the non-conference schedule.
After we see the results of these games and how much they continue to improve we will have a much better idea how this talented, but undersized team will be able to compete in conference.
This undersized team will have to play harder and more efficiently than its equally talented opponents as the schedule moves forward while improving our assist to turnover ratio.
IMO, much of ur success will depend on the play and improvement of those players that will be getting time as strong forwards and centers such as Bailey, Chaney, Cylla and Henderson.
Whitt and Jones will have to help these guys in the rebounding department to a combined double digit effort on an every game basis IMO to enable us to hold our own on the boards.
I, like all of you look forward to what I hope will be an exciting and successful season.

Go Hogs!

I don’t have any expectations for a (first) yr coach, other than to do what he’s doing. Which is to care, play hard, have fun, if the refs blow something, let them know about it. Any upsets, big wins this yr, tournament bids, that’s all a bonus…IMHO…

I do like the improvements on Defense, and I like the way this team competes on the glass, they get into good position, and extend well to get rebounds. It’s enjoyable to watch well structured basketball again…

When he gets some size in the next couple yrs, I would then start to have some (reasonable) expectations. Obviously going into Lexington no matter how much size will never be easy, any yr, but always a great challenge.

Good post, really like the well structured basketball again. WPS

I have no expectations of ncaa tourney for this team. Hopes, of course. Happy with what I see so far. Even the untrained eye can see the coaching and improvements form this coaching staff and players

We have faced no adversity yet and we need some. But, these two games will test the Hogs mettle. I’m not sure who’ll guard or who can guard SDs Hagedorn or GTs big. We’ll have some learnings for sure.

I’d like to think we have the better team. wps

We are actually playing South Dakota which is a huge step up