Next John Mackey Award winner at Arkansas

Will be won by a 2018 redshirt freshman named Koilan Jackson. He will be 240 lbs by that time and only a step or two slower. Definitely physical enough to take to the blocking, he will most likely be a better athlete in the position than his dad. If he stays healthy, great things to come in 2018. :smiley:

I’m not into fantasy but I believe he may develop into a great player.

Agreed. He won’t win as a Soph or RSFrosh.

Maybe Fred biletnikoff award winner, I don’t see him red shirting or moving from WR to TE.

I think he has a chance to be a special WR here with his bloodline and size. Looks like the coaches can’t wait to get him on the field.

Don’t forget Patton is coming in and his talent at TE as well as O’Grady could potentially be challengers for the Mackey award.

Didn’t we get Henry’s little Bro?

Yes, Hayden is a LB/S

Also has another brother class if 2019 that is going to be a top TE prospect like hunter was.

I like the sound of “Patton coming in.” I hope Jeremy Patton has a whole lot of Patton in him. We could use some men like Gen. Pattons on our team. (Maybe speaking with a little less, uh, color to their language though! lol!)

What’s wrong with “colorful” language? Studies have shown that people who curse tend to be more honest and intelligent than those that don’t.