Newsletter Sign up Required to Read articles on WHS

Why are paid subscribers now required to sign up to receive another email to be able to read articles posted on WHS? I just tried to access two articles and the entirety of the article was not visible and the user is prompted to enter an email address to subscribe to receive a newsletter in their email (I guess) vs. on the website for which a monthly subscription is already being paid.

Like many, the last thing I need is one more set of emails going to my email PLUS use of my email for other marketing purposes.

If you are receiving that message it means you are either not logged in or something is wrong with your account. Check to make sure you are logged in at the top of the page.

I would add that our emails are not marketing anything except our content. The email is a set of links sent each morning or whenever breaking news occurs.

Thank you Matt. That is strange as I can read other articles via the same feed on the same site.

Good to know about the marketing restrictions, but I think you can understand the concern based upon the user experience I noted.

BTW the two articles are “Jefferson feels underrated…” and “Passing game to be by committee…”

I’m having the junk pop up all the time. About tired of it!

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