News Item: Vandy 17, Georgia 16

Sometimes firing the head coach doesn’t fix the problem, it only makes it worse.

Something to think about…

Clemson 17, NC St 17 (with the ball 1:00 left)

Jim Chaney is the OC & QB coach at Georgia. Where does that ring a bell? Chaney has an extremely impressive resume as an originator and innovator of the spread offense while at Purdue 15 to 20 years ago. Coaches as Urban Meyer went to Purdue to seek spread offensive technical advice from Chaney that Meyer used at Florida back then. Chaney is surely a brilliant impressive X’s & O’s chalk board dude. However we saw him at QB coach. BA totally dysfunctional in the clutch for two years. It took Enos 1/2 the 2015 season to finally get BA’s head screwed on & mechanics right. Funny how things go unnoticed in the world of college football. A lot of fans of the Hogs could have saved Smart some grief.

It is also obvious that Vandy’s defense is better than ours.

My question is, after the beat down Bama put on the Vols, does it change the perception of the Hogs?

No. TN took ATM to 2OT last week. What the TN beat down did was change my perception of aTm. This year’s Bama may be the best team Saban has ever had.

All about the matchups Baked, matchups.

I’ll tell you what my perception of our team is changing right now. Playing much better than I expected.

Yes, but still making some bonehead plays. I hate it when we shoot ourselves in the foot! So cringeworthy.

You gotta hire the right guy! Meanwhile, how is that Alabama defense doing? :smiley: