News from the Hill

When do you think there will be any announcements about staff changes? This week, next week?

Other than Pittman and Partridge who both left in Dec, the earliest we’ve had a coaching change is Jan 14. Several have been closer to signing day.

I think it will be closer to February. Head coaches are changed in December and usually assistants are moved around after signing day.

I don’t see CBB making any staff changes unless someone leaves on their own. I don’t believe he can fire anyone!!!

I would have agreed with you after the Mizzou game. But, with the VT game, I think he’s hearing it from more than just fans. I expect some changes. I just hope it isn’t losing the good recruiters.

I think that CBB is very protective of his assistants. Even if he has to fire them, he would not prefer them to have the tainted reputation of being fired, so he will probably “encourage” them to find other jobs. We shall see what will happen.