New Season!!!!!!!

If a new season were started tomorrow in Oxford, what would be the results? Let me hear your best thoughts!!! Mine are as follows:

Ole Miss----50% chance
CC-----------90% chance
LSU---------20% chance
MSU--------40% chance
Missu-------50% chance
2-3 record for an overall record of 4-8
Will CBB keep his job at 4-8??? Probably but hard to bear.

If Bielema is still around after a 4-8 season an overall and SEC losing record going into year 6, I’m done…will find another team to follow. Being a Hog fan is draining me.

Myself and Swine, who usually don’t agree on anything, think 5-7 is a legitimate chance. With the injuries and inexperienced skill guys this year, Bret does have an excuse. I think 6-6 is legitimate. Ole Miss lost their QB, and as of yesterday their starting RB and C are out. Sound familiar. Difference is our backups have game experience, their’s doesn’t. I think our chance against Ole Miss is higher than 50%. Now, today they were supposed to announce if their RB and C is playing, but if not I think we have the advantage. I agree with the rest of the %, but Bret always seems to win a game he shouldn’t (and lose a game he shouldn’t).

I’m guessing right now we win Ole Miss, Coastal, and Missery (revenge for last year). The toss up games to me are LSU and Mistake. I think LSU plays to the level of their competition. They played down to Troy and MSU, and played up to FL and AUB. They play Bama then us, if they are down after the Bama game, and play “down” to our level, we will win. If we lose MSU becomes a must win for bowling, not sure how we play knowing it’s a must win, but that’s at least three games, I think we win, and it might be what we need to put us over the top against Mistake.


It’s not a new season by any standard.
OleMiss. ----- hogs win. By 10
CC---------hogs win. By 28
LSU----- hogs 40% only because LSU will be coming off a beat down from Bama.
We will have to improve a lot in 3 weeks or we may be embarrassed again
MooU----- hogs win
Misery------hogs win.
That’s 4-1 and 6-6.
Compete and look like a football team that what I want to see.

A lose to this Ole Miss team with all of its problems, an interim head coach, and losing a really good qb should to result in change. Change that should start at the top. This is a MUST WIN for these players. The coach must coach like his job depends on it, because it does. No second half let down. There is the possibility that this coach wants to be let go. This Saturday will show if this is a coach who is fighting for his job and more IMPORTANTLY FOR HIS PLAYERS, or is he just phoning it in because he wants to be let go.

Hawgs overcome, win by 7.

If Jeff Long retains him @5-7, Long isn’t going to have very many favorable Razorback fans…There really isn’t any excuses for the product that the coach is putting out on the field every weekend.

Honest question Scoot. I know no one likes what we are seeing, especially on the offensive line, but looking at next year’s schedule, I think it’s one of the most favorable in 10 years. I’m seeing improvements from game to game, and if I’m correct we win nine next year. If Jeff keeps Bret after 5-7, would you still complain if he goes 9-3 next year (Edit: Not counting Bowl Game).

Bret will Never win 9 in the SEC.

We will start the war 0-3 in the SEC.

It’s a favorable schedule, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Look at the flaws that will not get any better between now and next year, OL and defense, they continue to get worse, both are worse than last year, or just as bad.

But Bakedhog’s question is still valid. You are basing your opinion on assumption just like he is.

It wasn’t asked to me, but I would say no I wouldn’t complain.

FYI, by the numbers, our defense is better overall than last years defense. Our O-line and WR are the only ones that have gotten worse, and WR can be attributed towards Oline play.

I said this a few days ago, I think there are several things in this regard. 1. The Oline isn’t as good as we think it should be (can’t argue). 2. The QB is holding the ball too long, part of that is on the QB, part is on the WR’s, and part is on the line. If you’re an OC or QB/WR, you know the Oline is gonna give you 2.5 to 3 secs, got to get open and throw the ball during that 2.5-3 secs. 3. Go back and watch the TCU game and then watch the AUB game, watch the WR’s. Against TCU, they couldn’t get separation. Against AUB, they were getting separation, but Kelley was waiting to see that separation before he threw. As a QB, you have to throw and trust that they get the separation. BA had that issue early, so I see in a year of Kelley, with experience, and WR’s experience that he will throw when he is supposed to and they’ll be able to get the separation when they’re supposed to.

I think the issue is we see the horrible record in SEC play and 2-5 so far this year, so we are all upset, we expect to be better than that. However, not many are looking at the improvements that I’m seeing. That’s why I’m against getting rid of Bret this year, if we do we start over. It’ll take two to three years to get their guys and their system in place, when the best thing may be to give him one more year.

Now, saying that, if he loses to Ole Miss, Coastal, or Missery, I don’t think he will be retained.

Coach B is unable to make adjustments in game or at halftime! What you see is what you get. Something has to change. He will never beat Saban he had that chance and blew 14 - 13 a few years ago.
He doesn’t motivate players. You have to motivate your team. That was the only thing Houston Nutt could do with someone else’s recruits.
Whether or not he is gone next year we will see the same game aginst Texas A&M lead until the late in the 4th quarter to get beat.
We will continue to give freshmen QB’s all day to throw like he did aginst Texas A&M.
Now this week we have another freshem QB that we might let sit back and have time to eat a snack in the pocket before he runs or throws the ball. Did everyone see what auburn did to our freshman QB? That’s the way to beat a freshman QB.
All the news conferences and post games interviews are a waste of time.
The talking has gotten old. I heard about Warren before the season started. Last week he returned a kickoff for a TD. That would have been nice to see from game 1.
i believe he coaxhes to scared to ever be aggressive. He’s passive and passive in football gets you beat.
Play and coach with passion. Compete and don’t get embarrassed!
By the way every coach in the SEC knows who his teams play and beat him. Im just tired of watching my hogs get beat by teams we should beat.