New LB coach??

I certainly hope this guy can coach better at Arkansas, than that defense I saw in the Super Bowl in the 2nd half. For that matter, my Chiefs came back on em late in their dome, they ran out of gas completely in the 2nd half of a couple games. If it wasn’t for that offense having huge leads in a number of games, they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs. The SEC is a rivalry conference, every SEC game is about heart, character, physical fitness, desire, you can’t quit playing EVER no matter the score. If it’s 100-0, you keep playing hard in this league, to the last second ticks off the clock in the 4th Qrtr. Arkansas needs to understand they’re everyone’s Super Bowl game. A&M hate’s us, in fact, the only reason their coach is still there is he has beaten Arkansas. LSU hate’s Arkansas. Auburn hate’s Arkansas. Ole Miss hate’s Arkansas. Until Bielema and his staff understand that, we will remain a 3rd tier SEC team. We have to outwork, out coach, out play everyone we play, and still need luck to win an SEC Championship…

Seriously? Arkansas is “everyone’s Super Bowl”? We are no ones Super Bowl. A&M fans are indifferent about us. LSU fans are indifferent about us. Auburn fans are indifferent about us. (Ok…Malazahn hates us) Ole Miss fans are indifferent about us. Bielema has stated that he wants players and coaches who will out work everyone so I think he gets it. The only thing you got right is we “still need luck to win an SEC Championship”

I believe the UofA is everybody’s Super Bowl game–the University of Alabama, that is. I don’t think a “third tier” team is anybody’s Super Bowl game. As for the real Super Bowl, if Atlanta’s offense had moved the ball enough to keep their defense off the field, the defense might not have worn down in the second half. Of course, the defense could have helped themselves with some stops.

Agreed and as far as our new LB coach (his name is Chad Walker) was a defensive assistant with Linebackers not the Linebackers coach and not the DC so while he was involved one cannot place Atlantas second half collapse at his feet.

Yep, there are other factors that you didn’t acknowledge. A&M is an old SWC rival, which we handled pretty regularly, and we battle in Texas especially in Dallas for recruits. Ole Miss has always hated us, first it was political, we had a state in the south where a Democrat was elected president, and then the Houston Butt fall out. LSU has always been hard fought tough games for the most part, and that Battle for the Boot actually goes back further than just our entrance into the SEC, and again, we recruit Louisiana pretty heavily as well. And of course Malzahn hate’s us.

So while I respect your invaluable contribution to my OPINION, my OPINION remains just that, an OPINION, which I stand behind… Now don’t you have anything better to do than worry about what I post on a blog, or is this the highest achievement of your life, being a weak internet stalker and troll?

I get that this is your opinion. It is my opinion that you live in a fantasy world if you believe Arkansas is “everyone’s Super Bowl” and i stated as much. For some reason you have a problem with others challenging your beliefs/opinions. You need to understand this is a public forum and given that fact you will most likely encounter some who disagree with you. I disagreed with you and in the spirit of this public forum I told you so. You responded like a child. Do I not “have anything better to do”? I could ask you the same question, there are eight threads started by you on the front page of this forum afterall.

Sometimes I type things on this board that is a bit over the top, possibly hyperbolic. All of us get caught up in the moment when the Hoops Hogs are in a scoring drought, the Diamond Hogs bullpen blows a lead, or Bielema’s defense gives up 500 rushing yards. Many times what is typed isn’t reflective of the greater picture.

But what I am about to type is 100% true.

Arkansas is not anybody’s Super Bowl. If you haven’t noticed, Arkansas is closer to Homecoming than Super Bowl.

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were joking.

If that/this was the only conversation, you might have a valid point, however it was just a couple days ago you responded to my unfriendly Bielema opinion, with you’re an idiot, or something along those lines. Thus, it is reasonable to assume you have a problem with me, because now you see something else you don’t agree with, and respond in the same unfriendly manner. It was you who started out calling names, not myself. You obviously have a problem, so move along…

It’s obviously an exaggeration to say we’re each team’s Super Bowl game, but I know Sports, and their are several teams that want to beat us more than the average team in the conference. Same way in Basketball also at times, Frank Martin nearly got ejected last yr. If you don’t agree, that’s cool… Peace!!

“My OPINION reamins just that, my OPINION and I stand behind it.” “It’s obviously an exaggeration to say we’re each teams Super Bowl game” Which is it? Do you stand by your original statement or do you now wish to back peddle and say you were exaggerating? You can’t have it both ways. I know… I know in Jeffie world you get to have it both ways and no one calls you on your BS. If you don’t like being challenged don’t post on a message board.

In response to your Jeffiee world, you don’t know me, have never met me, don’t know anything about me, and are just some hate monger internet troll, likely stalking me, because you’re a low life that knows deep down inside of you, every single thing about you is vile, corrupt, and for profit. So you basically want to bring me down to that pathetic hate filled sewer you swim around in. If you believed for one second you were right, you wouldn’t worry about what I say or do, you would just run your own race. You know you’re wrong on every thing, so you have to worry about me.

And I can have it both ways as you call it, because it is the same thing. I stand by my opinion, and I was obviously, which anyone with the IQ God gave to a turtle could see, it was also partly parity. But my original point is the same, Arkansas is quite a few teams biggest game of the yr, including tonight in Basketball…

Now, since you obviously don’t like me, and I don’t appreciate your insults towards me, the thing adults do when that happens is they move along, you go ahead and respond like I know you will, and then move along, stop talking to me, and I like wise will do the same… Peace Out…

Who writes this garbage? You constantly spew crap on this board and watching you act like a child is hilarious…

Post less because you clearly can’t handle realistic criticism to your continuous and willful stupidity.

Peace out on that…

Truthfully, I could absolutely care a less what some hayseeds from a state with a starvation min wage, low life expectancy, extreme poverty, racism and bigotry, think…Critiquing me isn’t a problem, I get hundreds of them a day, both good and bad on WAPO, 90% positive. For some reason I do always get sucked into this pig pin though, I do feel when someone lies or slanders me, not responding almost makes it seem like I can’t, or it’s a truth, when in reality, it’s just what you people do, and always have, long before me, and long after I’ll be gone…

Hayseeds… That’s rich coming from an absolute moron like you. I live in two of the top 3 media markets in the US. I could go on but I doubt you get it… But understand this, you spew constant nonsense, have zero understanding of the game but you still play the martyr and have zero clue why people call you out?

You are clearly unhinged, ignorant as dirt but loads of free time for 90% approval rating on wapo… My bad, I had no idea with whom I was dealing with on this esteemed message board.


Peace out on that…drops mike…exits stage.

I really don’t think name calling is getting us anywhere. I look back at the Rhoads promotion and I think I made it pretty clear that I wanted a HOG WILD guy from the outside. MAYBE/MAYBE NOT this latest guy will turn out to be lights out on aggressive defense-time will tell most notably the first three games. I still say the head ball coach CBB, will have significant say in the defense obviously and therein may lie the restraint against that aggressiveness I think we need. I will say the overall recruiting class looks pretty strong. What say ya’ll? HOGS YA’LL.

Yeah, I remember, you were bragging about living in NY as if that somehow makes you a tough guy, a few yrs back as I barely recall also. I grew up in Arkansas, it’s my home state, many relatives there, but I’m not going to lie. There are a ton of racists and hayseeds in my home state. Obviously every state has its fair share of idiots, but my home state is in the bottom of a lot of negative categories. And anytime you want to set up an appointment with me to discuss your feelings in person about my character, feel free to send me an email to

As to my opinions, if you think all of that about them, why do you read them?? I don’t read your babble, because I already know you’re a complete idiot. Could it be because you’re a bigot, nah, never? You’re simply a weak, cowardly, individual that feels empowerment by attacking personally people you’ve never met, never saw, know nothing about, other than an occasional comment you may not like on a message board.

I think that the recruiting this year was spot on. It could turn out to be our best class since the 2013 class. The secondary was addressed and then some. I also think that we have a couple WRs that will come in and help immediately. The Martin kid was a stud out of Wossman high School, here in the Monroe area. He went to a prep school his senior year. I would love to see Arkansas get more players out of this area. Schools like Neville (my alma mater!!!) West Monroe, Ouachita, Carroll, and Wossman consistently put out big time college players. There are a lot of great players to come from this area that I think the Hogs could snatch up!