New Hogs football uniforms please!

i just wanted to voice my opinion on why the Razorback uniforms ALWAYS look like we are a sun belt team when we are on the field against ANY other SEC team? This (to me) is unacceptable. year after year i think " Maybe we’ll get better uniforms next year, but, we dont. Jeff long, please adress this. Take a look at auburn, georgia, alabama’s uniforms, nothing flashy, but they are clean and they look like an sec team. i am a hog fan from birth and i really wish you handle this. When you look good, you feel good. later

A couple of years ago when we played Alabama, the players wore 1960s era uniforms. I wouldn’t mind if they wore those all the time, as I thought they looked better then what they wear today.


I like the chrome helmets but I would like to see the white pants with the double red stripes return. HOGS YA’LL.

I would leave the uniforms up to the players. What do young people like?