New AD?

Houston Nutt to hire next HC? Just a WAG!!!

I posted this as a laugh and hopefully it would start some dialogue who the new AD might be. I guess it was too far out to get any comments. No word here in GA.

It seems that the “new era profile” of AD administrators has been veering away from former coaches to academicians. I’m not terribly enthralled with that trend. Being proficient in Public Relations and drumming up fiscal support is all well and good, - - but I still think that such a key athletic figurehead should have an appreciable degree of consummate hands-on athletic experience upon which to draw for program management.

That’s just one ole fart’s unqualified personal opinion.

Rick Hart Chad Morris combo from SMU.

And Darren McFadden and Felix Jones were a good combo for Arkansas.


I couldn’t … without help (as they say) from my friend Jack (Daniels) … imagine Coach Nutt back in Fayetteville. Can’t say it wouldn’t be fun on the boards thought !!

Hire Tom Jurich as AD and then he could hire Petrino for the third time as HC

The next hire (like if anyone cares what we say) should be
1: born and breed in the great state of Arkansas!
2: excelled in Arkansas High School academics/athletics
3: attended the UA as a student athlete and excelled in both academics/athletics!
4: UA grad with honors in academia and college athletics
5: has experienced life’s educational process for this moment in time to be ordained as the new AD of The University of Arkansas!
as the UA band plays our fight song…

oh it’s morning…what a awesome dream…

Fitz Hill

That would be an amazing hire but I doubt the powers that be would go that route.

Coach Hill would be outstanding

How many fans would that move hack off and alienate?

I would be one such. I would definitely not be alone in that disposition.

I’m aware of the fact that some coach hiring tends to evolve in “cycles”; but I firmly believe that there are some “cycles” which we should avoid.

I don’t agree with your criteria but Ken Hatfield fits the criteria! I really think the interim AD will be it. No controversy (yet), highly qualified, continuity, diversity, maybe a better follower of the BOT directives (on new coach), etc

Her resume. … r-peoples/

I would welcome Ken Hatfield to EITHER - or BOTH - AD and/or HC positions.

Julie Cromer Peoples appears to be a nice lady.

Ken Hatfield is 74 years old. He is retired.


I’m aware of that fact. I’m not the one who proposed the Hatfield hire; I merely opined that such a choice would not antagonize me.

Bill Snyder at Kansas State comes readily to mind.


I only proposed Hatfield because he was the first that came to mind that fit the criteria. At 74 YO, most of us don’t have the energy to do that job.