New AD Hire

It has been announced that Hogs will hire University of Houston AD for same job. You people wanting Kiffen may get him. Houston tried to hire him last year but he went to FAU.


Would be a big time hire if we landed Kiffin. Big name, pedigree, has coached under the best in Saban and Carrol, Offensive genius. He could build a better staff than any of the other candidates.

I like this hire. Now go get us a HC!

Wouldn’t call it “landing” if we hire Kiffin. More like “stuck with” or “suckered into”. The love for Kiffin is perplexing.

Your Kiffin hate is annoying.

It’s all good, your love for him is equally annoying.

I’m not so sure hiring some dude that’s trolling Nick Saban is a bright idea. But I know Monte from his days in Tampa, one of the best defensive minds in the game. This might explain that effort by the basketball team the other night, i suspect they new it wasn’t Gragg…

The AD hire was a real surprise to me but I’m not close to any reliable news leaks. I wonder if the HC hire will be as big a surprise!!!

Supposedly it is 1.Norvell (who really wants the job) and the Gus lovers want now. 2. Morris and 3. Kiffin. I have been told Morris blew the UA folks away in his two interviews. Kiffin seems like such a divisive candidate I doubt that happens.

Put me down as someone that never was convinced that Gus was seriously thinking of leaving what is a top ten type of program most years to come home and try to compete in the SEC West with recruiting classes ranked 20-30 most years at best and try to see if his reputation alone could truly improve those rankings to the point we could compete.

I don’t think Lane, while he may bring some initial recruiting bump would be worth the potential baggage that could come with him.

I’m OK with Morris or Norvell, but lean a bit more in the Morris camp because of the type of offenses he has been the architect of such as Clemson which is still running his offensive system. This could mean we would land Garry Bohannon or someone like him. He was the recruiter that got Deshawn Watson to sign with Clemson and the rest is history.

I like the idea of Kiffin and think he would be great but he seems a polarizing figure within the fanbase as is Morris. I guess that is why Norvell is the top candidate as of now. He played and coached at UCA and his wife is from Ft Smith.

Don’t take this wrong, but Bohannon isn’t as polished at this point in his career as Watson. I’m not certain he has played QB long enough to be a quality passer in the SEC; and I have doubts about his ability to become a successful passer in the years to come. That doesn’t mean he won’t be good or successful.

I believe Norvell would be the safe hire, but I believe Morris and his Texas connections would be able to have more success recruiting in that state and we need to pick up a handful of good players from Texas in every recruiting class.
I don’t see how people can’t see the value his deep roots in Texas High School Football could have on our Program.
Either one of these possible Head Coaches will have to be able to hire a homerun guy as a defensive coordinator if we are ever truly going to get things turned around.
We simply can’t have an impact in the SEC and continue to give up 40 plus points as often as we have done recently. If we score 40 points per game on average, but give up 41 then we still lose!
Whichever guy is hired, they had better find themselves a quality QB because if he is on the roster now I don’t believe we’ve seen him play yet.

I understand Kiffin has baggage and can be unpredictable, but his knowledge, experience, and ability to recruit nationally is greater than other candidates. At times, his actions can make you scratch your head, but if you look past that one factor, he provides the UofA so many more things than others.

I said almost exactly the same thing to a friend on Sat. I honestly believe of all three Morris has the biggest upside but is the least known.

You can’t look beyond Lane never stays anywhere long. His choice or his employers. He’s not the answer.
All these people looking for the offensive minded coaches, just remember DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Why does Saban have so many? He’s a defensive guy.

Venables. Not sure why so many (well, several) keep saying it won’t / can’t be. He, like its suggested Novell does, want’s the job. Build defense. Its the weak spot. The O will come along because Venables will bring with him the talent. He’s the next Sabin.

I would be fine with Venables especially if (as I hope) he brings a Oklahoma/Clemson style offense.

No he doesn’t. He is staying at Clemson