never enough

Just wondering if there is anything positive that you see in the current head football coach?

Is it true the Coach Bielema has now completed 46 games for the University of Arkansas and 27 of those teams have been ranked in the top 25 of the country? Can that record be compared to anyone outside of the SEC west? I am not good with facts and figures, but this is huge when you consider how far we have come from where we were. Go Hogs!!

Bielema is a player’s coach and he represents the program well on the national scene. I think he sincerely wants to see all his players achieve educational degrees which are a great asset in anyone’s life. These aspects of Bielema are all positive and I think they are the basis of the overriding fondness so many fans seem to have for him.

I also think he recruits adequately on both sides of the ball.

I just look at this program totally from a perspective of gridiron performances. There I see flaws with Bielema as I note on this board. I think every coaching problem I note about Bielema is correctable and he still has time to do so. I hope he does so.

Very well stated