Need to develop some more QB's better..

You can see Cole Kelley has talent, a lot like Tebow was as a Freshman, but he has a lot of work to do. There are plenty of QB’s on this roster, take the shirt off of Hyatt and get him ready to play, because Austin Allen isn’t going to survive the next couple of weeks, especially against Alabama. Anyone can see that OL is a joke, and the defense doesn’t exist other than Agim and Greenlaw, and half the time not Greenlaw. This Allen boy is going to get killed unless this idiot we have coaching this team does something to protect him the next couple of weeks.

I will be shocked if Austin Allen makes it past the next few games, at Gamecocks and Tide, then home against Auburn.
60% of the O-Linemen are not SEC caliber talent.
Defense still gets little pressure on the QB and secondary is still playing soft coverage I guess because they don’t have the speed to play up on the receivers.
Coach B passed up an opportunity near the 4 minute mark to try a field goal and opted to go for it on 4th down, wrong decision. This would have given one of our kickers to get a much needed in game try at kicking a live action field goal, I just don’t understand what these coaches are thinking during the game sometimes. Oh, and by the way we didn’t pick up that 4th down try.
I think we should be recruiting Jacob Eason to transfer from UGA since he is not going to stay there and sit the bench for the next 2 years behind Jake Fromm.

Go Hogs!

AA should have been on the side line during the 4th quarter. That’s my opinion.
The field goal the last one for sure kick it.
The kicker needs to gain some confidence also what if you rely need one to tie or take the lead late in a game.
The Oline will get better with coaching and being on the field together. Those that are unable to play and contribute need to go down the road. Unless your going to fill your roster up with 20 of them.

I agree we need keep AA healthy and that maybe we will see Cole Kelly a little more as well. Any of our QBs or future transfers will need much better protection in the pocket to be effective in what they do right now and down the line. IMO our OL may yet evolve into a strong suit to help out AA.

I thought the Dbs did pretty decently but just that for the most part NMSU’s QB had a lot of time to go through his progessions. Several plays his experienced WRs were resourceful in breaking off their routes after initial good man coverage. The Hogs had 7 or 8 passes defended or broken up which is a pretty good statistic. We gave #16 soft coverage only a few times but he broke off his route quite a few times when his QB could not find an open receiver. Otherwise he was pressed by Kamrem Curl for the most part.

Yes I agree 4th down try from the 23 yard line in 4th Qtr would be 37 yard fg try and probably best time try a new kicker.

But the coaches really got to look at that 4th down bootleg play that alnost got AA KNOCKED out of the game by blitzing outside line backer #11. The other outside lb blitzed also as NMSU sent 8 players after AA. We would need a Lamar Jackson type to make that play a consistent success against any SEC team much less Sun Belt teams unless the Hogs magically develop a dominating offensive line right now. Still time to grow.

Any QB the Hogs can recruit WHO can buy time in the pocket or have any elusiveness I would love to have on the roster. AA to me is just as good as Jacob Eason when he has time and also enough trust in his receivers to where he does not hold on to the ball as much. AA was a 4 star tecruit I recall but of course my glasses are always quite rose colored. We have some reallly good young players and beleive the future could be bright as well & hope the Hogs continue to improve in ALL facets of the game to align with our QB play right now and moving forward. Wps

You may need to tamp down those rose colored glasses, and begin to see with clarity what has unfolded before all of our eyes with the Football program under Coach B’s leadership.
We are currently very weak in areas where he has traditionally been strong.
Recruiting rankings in the bottom 3-4 in our conference isn’t going to get the job done.
Jacob Eason was the number 1 QB recruit in the nation and a 5 star according to Oh, he is a sophomore, while Austin Allen, a 3 star QB at rivals is a 5th year senior. Jacob is 6’5 while Austin is 6’1, there really is no comparison to these guys QB potential. Eason will be drafted once his college carreer is done and Austin, will not be drafted.
Obviously, Eason would never transfer to an Arkansas team that can’t protect its QB.
We need an athletic QB, perhaps the Bohanon kid to play behind a less than stellar offensive line unit.

In 2 weeks Alabama will beat us as badly as they did when Coach B was given a pass those first couple of years which should provide more eveidence that the program is not gaining traction or momentum under his leadership.
The next week, we host an Auburn team that pounded us a year ago and is no doubt a better team this season.

It’s about to get serious, and soon we will be clear eyed to where the program is and what steps will need to take place at seasons end.

BB has not and will not get the backup QBs any playing time.
Hasn’t in 5 years, should of yesterday with 7 minutes left, but nooooooooo.
So when AA gets crushed down the line , and he will, don’t blame the backup for looking like he just got off the bus, blame the clueless coach.

In all due fairness to Austin Allen, he was rated highest end 3 star by and rated 4 star recruit by ESPN and 247 Sports. Given his size at 6-1 I ascertained that his greatest attribute is his accuracy as belied by H.S. ranking among top 25 QBs in tbe country. He was voted preseason 3rd team All SEC by BOTH coaches and the football writers in a conference for 11 straight years led all the Power 5 for most players drafted into the NFL. This is lofty progress due to AA’s talent and QB coach/offensive coordinator under CBB.

In fairness I also provided a website link as of September 29 2017 that projects AA among the top 8 QBs as far as draft status. If Mr. Allen is anything exactly similar to his brother (actually drafted and still in the NFLi) in size and QB skills, then I surmise that pro scouts will be taking into consideration OL issues and inexperienced WRs and TEs that Austin is having to overcome at the collegiate level.


Any of the back-up QBs will experience growing pains once given some meaningful snaps here and there. But all other points you’ve made and concerns expressed are legitimate however. I hope the coaches put Austin Allen in the best position to succeed at all times scheme-wise…

My optimistic hope now is that these Hogs come away at worst 6-2 down the stretch IF can steal a win at South Carolina this weekend. The OL will have to keep Austin upright and clean in order to have a chance of defeating the Gamecocks. One game at a time! Wps!!

Couple things I’d like to see against SC, let AA get the ball in shotgun position turn our speedsters and tight ends loose and open things up and take some pressure off our O-line by getting the pass off quicker. Also want to see us send the house on some blitzs and play up and not so soft on the receivers, let’s take the game right to them from the start. Let’s not turn Steamboat into a row boat, when we get a short yardage play on second down let’s bring in the Steamboat and throw one deep to keep them honest and start getting him some experience and confidence. WPS