NCAA BB Rules Changes?

Their are possible changes coming to NCAA Basketball and are currently on display at the NIT Tourney this year.

  1. Reinstution of four 10 minute quarters.
  2. Resetting team fouls at the end of each quarter.

Obviously, these are good things for a team that wants to get up and down the floor and apply full court pressure on defense. You would most likely not have teams shooting bonus free throws for 10 minutes or more in a half.

One thing not currently on the menu of possible changes, but I believe should be especially after so many bad calls on full display during this years Tourney, not to mention throughout the entire season…Coaches Challenge.
The NCAA should find a way to implement a coaches challenge situation to get instant replay to resolve controversional / critical game changing calls and no calls during a game. At the end of the day the NCAA should want to do whatever they can to protect the integrity of the game.
The College game isn’t a terribly lengthy process in the first place and the resetting of team fouls each quarter will even speed it up, so a couple of stoppages of play each Half for a few minutes to review and make sure a play was called correctly shouldn’t be a time issue.

Go Hogs!

I like it. You get a “reset” more often without calling timeouts. I’m thinking the game will not take that much more time.

Any rule change that cleans up the bad calls has to be implemented for the game, then you won’t see all the homer calls maybe. It has always amazed me that on a national stage that a announcer inevitably will say something to the effect you get that call because it’s Allen field house our Lexington Ky or just look at the history of the program they’ve earned it over the years. No matter who or where you are playing the playing field has to be level as far as no favoritism by the referees and able to challenge a call would stop some of this I would hope! WPS

Included in those rules changes should be fines for refs for poor officiating like in the hogs games aginst Kentucky and Nitth Carolina! Until the refs start being forced to call games fairly nothing else will matter