NC State has the advantage now

Arkansas doesn’t have consistent enough bats, and good enough pitchers, to even have a chance in the winner take all game tomorrow. It’s kind of sad, Arkansas probably has the best Home Field Advantage in the history of College Baseball, but NC State will advance, mostly because Arkansas got a big head, as those kind of people often do. And NC State is just a more consistent team.

Dunno about your statement……we haven’t loss a 3 game series this season. I really believe we win tomorrow.

Maybe, maybe not, but just like that, a 21 - 2 win means nothing more than if we eked out a 2- 1 win on a 2-out squibber that scores a runner from 3. Well…the blowout was certainly more fun to watch!

They don’t have nothing,Momentum always about Pitching! we won won 21-2 and were up 2-0 so we had all the MO in the world until Costeiu started throwing BP and then they had the MO…we come tomorrow and score 4-5 early turn out the lights party over so that’s ridiculous they the Advantage.

Jeffreyz, it’s time to take your meds and get your mommy to rock you to sleep now!

Typical ending, bring the hopes up, and then fold in the clutch. Long running story.

Some guy on Twitter yesterday said not to worry because Hogs haven’t lost a series all year. My response was if I was so sure I’d call Vegas and bet all I had on the Hogs. More than any other sport, the best team does not always win. Although I think that was the case today, NC State had very good team. In 1960, the New York Yankees set the record for the most runs scored in a World Series. They outscored Pittsburg by something like 20 runs in the 7 games. Leading by 3 runs in the 7th inning of game 7, a made to order double play ball that would have ended the inning, took a very bad hop and hit the Yankee shortstop Tony Kubek in the throat. The next batter hit a three run homer tying the game. Then Bill Mazoroski hit a walk off homer in the bottom of the 9th and the underdog Pirates won the series. The 1960 Yankees are considered by many to be the best baseball team ever. But they lost. Anybody who thought the Hogs could not lose a series does not know baseball.

It’s terrible to go through a long season, dominant, and buckle at the end. It’s really too bad, but not the least bit surprising.

How do you not develop some small ball skills in fall ball and driving balls into gaps.

Great pitching by NC State.

I don’t believe this is second guessing at all because what he did makes absolutely no sense. Why did Van Horne bring in Kopps in the second game when behind? How much better would he have been in the third game had he not pitched the second game?

Did they buckle or just face a very good team?

Kopps did fine in the 3rd game. Those guys hit a couple good pitches.
Their pitchers pitched pretty good but served up plenty for our guys to hit we didn’t capitalize. Swinging for the fences.

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