my take..

#1. Someone needs to go get Bohannon from Earle, AR that kid is very athletic, and in the right offense can keep Arkansas in games.
#2. I don’t know why we don’t keep Julia Cromer Peoples, why not be the first at something good for a change, if she screws up, we’ll fire her, no biggie. Besides it will irritate the sexists and idiots in Arkansas, that’s a +1.
#3. There are plenty of talented coaches out there, this UTSA coach Frank Wilson has that defense ballin out down there.
#4. Norvell was a better receiver than Gus, so I say if it’s between the two, go with Norvell. LOL…

There are no shortages of highly qualified candidates, we don’t need to pay someone a fortune, hire a young, enthusiastic, coach, and if he does a good job, reward him yearly with raises and extensions. This nonsense Arkansas can’t win in the SEC and Nationally is b/s, that’s just elitist scum wanting to keep Arkansas down, the SWC was more competitive at times than the SEC is right now, and we competed there. The SWC was tough for a few yrs while the Mustangs were cheating, Texas was Texas, and A&M was solid… I would match up the Arkansas, Texas, SMU, A&M teams with the top 4 teams in the SEC right now. Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU … SMU with Eric Dickerson and Craig James would give Alabama fits, and possibly win… Arkansas with Billy Ray Smith and Gary Anderson vs LSU, Texas A&M vs Auburn, Texas vs Georgia… My guess is the SWC comes out of that 2-2… So this crap/nonsense that Arkansas can’t compete, and has a ceiling is a bunch of nonsense, of course they can… There is recruiting talent all over Texas and Southern/Central Arkansas, and the North west always produces a good QB or two… Arkansas can win a Championship, they just need a coach that understands how to recruit in the south, and quit’s playing favorites, and play’s the most athletic player, not the player he likes the most. Move that big white dude from Denmark to DL where he belongs, that experiment is ridiculous. Recruit, offensive lineman that can protect a QB, and Arkansas will compete immediately…

Same old stuff. When The Hogs are down ASU fans are calling us out to play them or we’re cowards. When the Hogs have a strong team you don’t hear a peep out of them. It’s a no win situation to play ASU and it won’t happen!

Actually Smashmouth2004, How many times during the past half century do you feel that ASU would actually have a chance to compete and beat the Hogs, I’d say you could hold them all in one hand.
It’s really no big deal, I for one wish they would make a 3 year rotation with ASU, UCA and UAPB and just pound them on a regular basis like they do most years to teams that play in their respective conferences. It’s only the odd year that we have trouble with or lose to those teams and when we do we usually know we need a reset in the program much like this year or the year of the JLSmith debacle.
Teams all over the country and especially in the SEC play other lower level Schools in nonconferce games within their own borders with no fear that it would ever elevate those programs to their national brand status and the UofA would be no different because no matter the success of those programs they will never reach the heights of “The University of Arkansas”.

What is the upside for the Razorbacks? What do we get out of playing ASU? If we win we were supposed to win…if we lose holy hell here we go. How bout this, if ASU wants to play the Razorbacks so bad then they can pay us $1M . There now we have an incentive.

Well, we got the GSD fired back up again, might as well start up the ASU debate too!!! (BTW, I agree that UofA has nothing to gain by playing ASU).