My take on the coaching staff

I look at the coaching staff like this:

CBB - responsible for the character, personnel (through recruiting), attitude, and overall scheme of team along with oversight of his coordinators and coaching staff which makes him responsible for the offensive, defensive, and special teams performances taken as a whole.

Rhoads - responsible for defensive performance, scheme, and personnel. He’s also responsible for the defensive position coaches. He’s responsible for the defensive performance as a whole.

Enos - responsible for offensive performance, scheme, and personnel. He’s also responsible for the offensive position coaches. He’s responsible for the offensive performance as a whole.

The great head coaches have great assistants and CBB has not been able to hire good assistants and coordinators. Nor has he been able to recruit SEC caliber players. I honestly think he fell in love with celebrity when he came and focused more on being a media darling than a good football coach. What everyone thought was a great hire has fallen apart largely because Bielema has failed to recruit good players and/or develop them because of a failure to hire top notch assistants.

Broyles is a coaching legend because of the quality of assistants he brought to his staff. We need a shift back to that mentality. … Question I don’t know the answer to and can’t find quickly on the internet? How many Wisconsin assistants came with Bielema to Fayetteville? I think it was just Herbert… whom I think needs to shoulder blame for our fading late in games.

So here are my thoughts on the staff:

Offense - servicable but not SEC quality. Enos may need to be encouraged to find a new head mid-major coaching job this offseason. Unless we pin responsibility for the offensive failure on the line… which is completely understandable.

O-Line - Anderson needs to go… the fact he is still around is confounding. He may have come from the Bills but that probably meant that another NFL team wouldn’t hire him. Hell… give me Coastal Carolina’s line coach that dominated our d-line for most of the game.

RB - hard to judge because of the failures of the line and injuries coming into the year… Whaley seemed to regress this year (injury?) and it took too long to identify Hammond’s ability there.

WR - Tough call because of the crew we had but the disconnect early in the season is wholly on coaching whether that be Smith, Enos, or Bielema… ultimately Bielema has to shoulder that responsibility because that unit was not ready to play.

TE - No complaints here… this is the only solid position on our offensive staff in my opinion.

Defense - Rhoads has been a complete and total beatdown and there is no excuse for us to be giving up 38 points to a Sun Belt team that’s 1-7. I know the shift to 3-4 is going to have some rough spots but … this year has been more than a rough spot. He needs to go.

D-Line - decent to dominated… we need to lose the d on the second word. Young coach in his first year here… gotta have improvement next year or pack it up.

LBs - There were bright spots and LB play has improved… these two coaches haven’t been liabilities.

DBs - Not good at all. Curl was a bright spot but too many blown coverages and bad coverages. Rhoads fails in this area too.

Special teams - no coach here… and it shows.

What I think should happen: Fire Bielema, Anderson, Rhoads, encourage Enos to return to coaching elsewhere, and pledge to work to retain Walker, Hargreaves, and Lunney with new hire.

What I think will happen: Anderson gets encouraged to find another position and becomes the fall guy for everything. Rhoads gets a vote of confidence and leaves for a head coaching position at a mid major.

If Bielema stays:
OC - Enos
RB - Mitchell (Horton)
WR - Smith
TE - Lunney
OL - New coach
DC - New 3-4 specialist coach or make Brent Venables the Assistant Head Coach/DC and pay him like a HC and move back to 4-3
DL - Scott Jr.
LB - Hargreaves
DB - Walker
Special Teams - New Coach (Tim Horton??)

Let me be clear… I think Bielema should be dismissed after this season (actually now would be fine with me) but I don’t think he will be… his butt will be burning all through the offseason and into next year though because that seat is going to be scorching.

You probably have a lot of this correct!
I would go for Brent Venables becoming HC or Defensive Coordinator.
Actually Chaney would be an upgrade as a head coach.

I don’t think they will send CBB down the road. He will make some wholesale changes to the staff if he is back next year.

Chaney would bring Sam Pittman back.

I would keep Reggie Mitchell.

I do not totally understand the contract buyout , but I think instead of going to a buyout and looking for a new coach we should spend a high percentage the buyout money on quality assistants.

Have you thought that maybe no decent assistants want to work for CBB??? Who wants to work for a knot head like him?

Newton you nailed it.

That’s actually why I wondered if anyone came with him from Wisconsin other than Herbert.