My ((OPINION)) on Isaiah Joe

He’s not going to be drafted in the first or second rounds, despite whatever he’s heard from people, with not necessarily his best interests at heart.

If it were me, I would come back to school, be a mentor and leader, this team has enough size and talent to compete with anyone, he would be viewed as a leader to the younger kids. Help lead the team to a Sweet 16 or better, which is definitely doable, provided they have one??? Then he would be viewed as someone that has definitely recovered 100%, that’s a leader and mentor on the court, and his game is on the uptick. Get drafted in the 1st round, then teams have something invested in you, and you’re much likely to have a career in the NBA, as opposed to being shipped off to a minor league location, or worse, overseas.

That’s what I would do, not knowing anything on a personal level with the kid, he may be starving to death for all I know, and needs anything he can get.

The NBA scouts see Devin Booker prototype with a incomplete resume. Ironically Devin was viewed as below average defensively and since playing in the NBA he’s taken zero incentive to work on that part of his game.

Zay is a better distributor of the ball than Devin but Devin has better handles. If not for the injury and a abrupt end to the season we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

In my opinion he wants a opportunity to show himself fully recovered in workouts and acquire a grade from a scout (again my opinion) on what weaknesses need to be shown as improved going into the 2020-21

Ultimately I forsee his return with pre-season all SEC hype attached to his every appearance on tv. If Arkansas can find a consistent residence in the AP25 that would only work to enhance his profile.

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