My Lord, football is looking bad!

I didn’t watch, just too depressing, got back from work at around 3:30 EST, turned it over to the network, and they were being beat down by WKU…

This is embarrassing really, they don’t seem to have any pride, pride should have kept that from happening, might have still lost, but pride should have kept them from that.

Just got to start over, Arkansas is like SMU was after coming out of the death penalty. They kind of deserve it, Houston Nutt wasn’t good enough for them, that Malzahn cult destroyed the football program with their ridiculous expectations, flying blimps, Petrino was a complete fool, with no character, Bielema shot off his big fat mouth too much, and couldn’t adjust to recruiting against the SEC.

You cannot honestly put this on this new coach, this disaster has been in the making for decades, and part of it is the idiot fan base.