Mussleman can recruit, but he can't coach

He’s lost his entire team already… How do you lose your team in Jan???

You heard it here first, Arkansas will be looking for a new coach in a yr or so. And the transfer portal is going yo be filled with Razorback basketball players.

I honestly don’t think they will qualify for the NIT…

Wow, I went outside and the sky fell on me. Yes, he can coach and he’ll right the ship very soon.


Notae must play because he can score but he is a liability on defense. He breaks every fundamental rule there is when guarding his man without the ball. He doesn’t see his man snd the ball, he doesn’t anticipate where his man must go to receive a pass, and he never prevents his man from cutting toward the ball. He does just the opposite. He follows him around to the point that his man ends up between him and the basket. As a team, they are terrible on hedging and helping each other fight through screens. They evidently don’t communicate on defense at all.

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Lol. Muss has an extensive history of successful coaching. He’s hasn’t “lost the team”. He may have lost weak minded fans (that will be right back with the next win), but not the team. The team fought their butts off and gave themselves a chance to pull this one out, after a bad stretch.

That said, I’d like to see less of JWill and whole lot less of Devo and more of Jax and Kamani. We need Jax to help keep the floor spaced on offense and we gotta have Kamani’s toughness and hustle.

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This is you’re best analyst of this team’s problems? Lol. Notae that leads the entire SEC in steals… by a wide margin. He is easily the best on-ball defender on the team and he’s defending exactly as he is coached to do. Doesn’t mean his man never scores but he is the LEAST of our problems. You’re just a little emotional and looking for someone to blame because we lost… and who better to blame than the guy carrying the team on his back… I guess…?

I stand by what I said. I watch and rewind plays and his weaknesses are glaring. I also said he has to play because of his scoring.

You do realize the team started off 2-4 last year and it was January!!I’m not saying we will turn it around like we did last year but the point being is this is not the first time we’ve been in this rut.


CEM can coach. Last year the hogs won games they had no business of being competitive in! The players need to make the simple play and stop making stupid mistakes.

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How’s the view from the ledge?

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Playing Mizzou just in time. They are the worst team in SEC. Forget the Alabama game. Alabama is not that good and Mizzou played way over their head. I look for them to return to normal. Arkansas 85 Mizzou 60.

Ok gotcha but Bama looked pretty good against Auburn-who is pretty darn good to say the least.
Hopefully we found our new norm as well against Mizzu. Cut down the TO’s, rebounded well, good defense/offense, other players stepping up, etc.

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