Ho-hum. This ain’t the Mountain West Conference.

Not the NBA either, and he’s coached there twice.

Musselman is now the Hogs basketball coach. That fact is non debatable.

You can applaud the hire; - - or you can poo poo the hire. The choice is certainly yours.

But whichever response you choose to exercise, - - - Musselman IS the new Hogs basketball coach.

For those upping on our new coaches resume and having last coaches in the Mountain West Conference let me remind you of where our two most successful coaches came from before taking the HC position at Arkansas.

Eddie Sutton: Creighton, NCAA Independent D1, led the Bluejays to its first NCAA Tournament in his final year of a five year stint.

Nolan Richardson: Tulsa, Missouri Valley Conference, 4 year stint and won the NIT Championsip.

So, the moral of the story is that this appears to be a solid coaching hire by HY for the Razorbacks and I for one will be supportive and excited to see what CEM can accomplish for the program.

Go Hogs!

Eric Musselman is now the new head basketball coach of The Arkansas Razorbacks. Further sniping and grousing is pointless and irrelevant.

Plus, Guys, there is no magic to coaching. First you have to have quality players, then, the better coaches know how to mold them into a team and play winning ball in any sport. But since you are dealing with humans, it is not so simple as to write down a formula, some coaches have it, some do not. I hope our guy has the first piece of the puzzle, the right players someday if not now.

If you’re a chick thinks we’re a top 20 program, he hasn’t been paying attention. This is not 1996 (the last time we were technically that close). I want Musselman to succeed and take his shot to get us back there, but he has the same hill to climb as Heath, Pelphrey and MA. As for Sutton and Richardson coming from mid-majors like Musselman, they hit most of their home runs against the 3rd string pitcher (I.e., the SWC). Once we got in the SEC, we had enough of a head start to top everybody except Big Blue for a few years. Now the schools with the population and money advantage are taking basketball more seriously, and it’s now just like football. It’s going to take the right group at the right time to even get in the running for any particular year. And if the expectations from some (most?) fans is an every year occurrence…well, good luck with that.

PS - this post is intended to be offensive. It’s my nature you know.

I am dutifully and righteously offended. How dare you Mud? Are you a fan of You’re a Chick?

And a lot of luck!