Moving forward with the bball team...

You gotta like that CMA and crew are winning games they should win and winning on the road. This is imho a huge sign of growing and getting over what’s been a painful hurdle for all of us. Moving forward our next hurdle is winning some games maybe we shouldn’t win or at least on paper shouldn’t win. To conquer this we are going to have to have more production from our point guard position. One assist from Beard, Hannahs and Moses is not going to cut it, we are lucky to win last night with that kind of production. Beard had zero. We managed to win on the strength of our rebounding. We have focused on rebounding the last couple weeks and guess what?? We are rebounding.

In my opinion Beard needs to get the focus these next couple weeks, in addition to rebounding, on getting the ball to open teammates. He needs to average 8 a game, with our shooters he can do that, and then we can make a strong run to March. We have enough scorers he doesn’t have to look to score he needs to look to finding teammates and scoring if it’s there.

First signs of real hope and progress I’ve seen in awhile. With focus we should handle LSU pretty easily.