Move on from Bielema

Do we have the talent to compete successfully in the SEC? Will top recruits want to come here to Arkansas? Is the talent level the problem or is it the Bielema coaching style?
I see us stuck at mid level in the SEC because we are no better than that and I don’t see much of a chance for change. Why would a top national recruit want to play for Arkansas?
Bielema is dull and as uninspiring as his record!
Move on to a more charismatic coach who might have a shot at top recruits!

I have never heard that Coach B was dull and uninspiring.

It sure would be nice to hear something positive! Coach B is a much better person or coach than what you must be. He takes a positive way to handle coaches that move on instead of firing them! The way he treats people with respect is admirable.
Try to show a little respect, tact and discipline yourself. Or are you from another state just on here to bash people!
If your so good turn in a resume to the hog foundation and apply for a job!

What we should be doing as a program is to take baby steps. Don’t expect to win the SEC right off the bat! You can’t go from historical middle of the pack or lower in the SEC to SEC Champ. Let’s get to consistent 8-9 win seasons and show we are a strong program. Only then will you lure top talent and then contend for the next level.

Most people don’t expect the very best teams in the country to beat Bama so for us to expect to win the SEC is crazy. Let’s aim lower and finally beat A&M and the Miss schools and we can win 5-6 conference games a year. We have good enough players to do this as long as the coaches put them in a position to win.

What you describe here is what some school down in Mississippi almost done,But you see where it has gotten them. If things aren’t done on the up and up , as you say,it will jump up snd bite you. CBB is doing it right and it will take some time!

Where did anyone insinuate that we buy players?

Yeah, lets just start right over from scratch again. That just sounds so appealing. I mean hell, so we go 3-9 again, and then maybe 6-6, but just for that all-inspring hope of glory that the other 115 teams hope for, but can only be achieved by 1. Those are awesome odds to follow.

I hope you never give the half-time pep talk. “Aim lower” doesn’t seem to be a problem. I like CBB, and I didn’t have the delusion of 10 wins, but this was year 4. We should have gotten 8 wins, and we gave the bowl game away.

It doesn’t matter who the coach is. It is extremely difficult to recruit top player to Fayetteville because there are many more appealing locations. Therefore, Arkansas doesn’t have the talent to compete successfully with the top teams in the SEC.