most probable outcome is the actual outcome

We couldn’t run it very well, we didn’t play good defense, AA got hit throughout the game, and we threw 47 times. It went just like I predicted it would go. Just like when CBP was the coach, you can’t beat the best teams without being able to run and play good defense. Rather than CBB producing a team that can run and play good defense like I had hoped for, we’re instead still just playing CBP ball of trying to outscore everyone with a one dimensional passing offense. Unfortunately so.

Yeap, until we can run the ball on Bama, you wont beat them. I read where in these 10 straight losses, we have rushed the ball for 100 yards on them 1 time. CBB’s first season. That will not do it.

CBB’s like you… “Can’t teach an old dog new trick” and never learn !!!

I don’t know what you’re watching but this is NOT Petrino ball !!! Bobby never player the time of possession game. And he didn’t rely on the naked boot leg like HDN did the smoke draw !!! Watch Louisville. If there’s 35 seconds Bobby’s still trying to score. CBB is taking a knee and playing the clock. Please don’t insult Petrino like that. CBB plays Frank Ball. His passing game is better than Nutts but thats it. And they have tried to mimic some of Bobby’s game but their attention to detail is so poor that when they do it comes off really bad. Like pass blocking on run plays or run blocking on pass plays on third and short and the like … I like Dan Enos and I"d go so far to say that he’s a better coach than CBB. But he’s not in Bobby’s league.

I agree. And btw we lead the SEC in rushing under Bobby. Look it up.

Tell me, do you just jump from thread to thread and say whatever pops into your head to find a way to kneel down at Bobby’s feet and bask in his glory?

In 2008 and 2009 Hogs were 10th in rushing yards in SEC, in 2010 and 2011 we were 9th… Ah go look it up, Chief.

Your post addressed to me on the other Topic thread got Locked before I could respond, so I will do so here. Thanks, Hog’s Breath. Still a bit of staunch old hippie liberal ideology not totally waned away with age. That doesn’t fit much anywhere in 21st Century Arkansas. However we will have no problem ever getting along on the basics as Hog fans.

Absolutely! WOO PIG!!!