More foot injuries

If I am a parent. current or in the future, questions will start to come. One way or another this all will come out in the end, good or bad!

Junior linebacker Josh Harris and freshman offensive lineman Dalton Wagner went down with foot injuries in the past week. They join a long list of Razorbacks with foot injuries the last three years, including Jamario Bell, Dre Greenlaw, Keon Hatcher, Cody Hollister, Alexy Jean-Baptiste, Kody Walker and Jonathan Williams.

Just read that Texas starting TE broke his foot. It’s just not us! It just might be these new type of lighter shoes worn by some of these players.

Georgia had one player go down also this week with a broken foot.
I would think they have done research on the footwear and the surfaces they practice and play on.
I hope we can avoid any more serious injuries this year.