Montaric Brown still solid to Hogs … im-solid-/

Very good news!!..Beliema still building toward a Championhip-caliber defense! Woopig!!

Great we need the young man. AND a head coach and an AD worth his salt.

for Pete’s sake…Would you please just shut up?

And another thing, would you and Jdeere please stop creating different site characters and then just typing the EXACT SAME POSTS! It is so immature and silly. :roll:

I am just waiting for you to start agreeing with your own posts, since no one else does. lol

Yeah bc its always the majority who are right huh ? You’re a very good German. Just bc very quiet while the Nazi’s take off all the Jews to their concentration camps. Like a good German you are fine with anything. Who cares about whats likely to be an 0-3 SEC record year four right ? Just be a good German and continue your adoration for All things Long and Bret. Whatever you do , don’t think outside the box. Hell don’t even acknowledge that there is a box !! Thats dangerous thinking !! And hey don’t EVER question authority. Jeff MUST be RIGHT. CBB must be the best we can do. After ALL if he wasn’t Jeff would tell us. And hey just ignore how well Petrino did while here. That was an anomaly. Yep def. Oh his success at Louisville now ? Heck don’t you know thats bc of Strongs players and has NOTHING to do with Bobby ? Wait until he has to win with his own guys. He’s going to suck after he goes 12 or 13-1 this year !!!

You’re a really good German. Congrats .

Glad to see Montaric is still on board. WPS!