Mobilehoma to the SEC?

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First, I would love to see little Bobby Stoops have to run the gauntlet that is the SEC. Next, if the SEC does decide to expand in the future, I’d prefer to see Mobilehoma come in than Tex-ass. Both Arkansas and Mobilehoma recruit heavily in Tex-ass. I even give my buddy a hard time by calling Mobilehoma the University of Texas in Norman. I’m not interested in Okie Lite at all but if we had to take two teams it wouldn’t be the end all to take them in a package deal.

And to all of those Arkansas fans that advocate we play in the Big 12, I hope they recognize that the SEC is recognized as the elite. There’s no reason to ever leave it.

If we were to expand by two more teams, I would have no problem with both OK schools. They are premier programs, very competitive, and make sense with the West geographically. Then the obvious move of the AL schools to the East. The SEC would be more balanced on the whole, with both divisions being “beasts.” I like to pick on Stoops as well, but he has proven he can coach. Oh, and Tuck Fexas!

I would love to play both but I bet $$$ that the SEC would rather not take both OK schools for TV ratings. I would think it would make more sense to add OU with another Texas school to further penetrate that market.

You know the one team I would like to see in the SEC West,I mean since this expansion talk comes up every year. Could it be that the SEC might be sleasing behind the scenes? Well… if the SEC were to expand by one team in each division I’m choosing Arkansas State as the west selection. We can play them first every year as a warm-up. HOGS YA’LL.