MissState Game

What has happened to the Hogs? They look terrible against the Bulldogs. CMA better jack them up at halftime or they are going to lose. They keep leaving people wide open. They need to scrap their trapping D because it’s not working. If you can’t guard your man, ride the pine.

Pathetic. Bad team at home is beating us. Years into this experiment. But…but…we have great recruits coming. Maybe by year 10 we’ll be competitive? Worse than the football team situation.

Rebounds don’t matter

We are so average…:at best

Wow, look at all those empty seats

I was at the game and had to leave early, but the arena had about 12,000 people. Not great but not bad.

No fire on the team at all tonight. They let Kentucky beat them twice… shame.

It sucks when it was ONE THING that beat you. Yes rebounding was horrible too, but scoring almost half your points from 3 killed us. And missing 8 FT’s didn’t help. With all the bad, if we made at least half those misses, the game could have swung.

2 bad things have come from this: 1. Our RPI will take a massive hit. 2. Fans will now have an excuse to not show up. Which pisses me off because people don’t seem to mind paying more money to see a team that is a whole lot worse(football).

Case and fact, we MUST win out to the OKST game. Winning against Vandy, Mizzou, LSU, and A&M will soften the blow to our RPI and morale a lot. Season is far from over and there is still plenty we can we, but this loss was a HORRIBLE lose!

I love your optimism because I know it comes from your heart but the brain must think this season is in jeopardy.

Sorry, the season is in jeopardy. This team lacks the basic fundamentals to consistently win.

Thanks for the pep talk, I needed it. I was at the game and had a bad feeling from the start. We lacked energy from the start. MS was prepared and executed well. I have often wondered about our pregame preparation they don’t seem to do position drills like I see other teams do. Probably doesn’t matter but it’s just something I’ve noticed over the last few years.

Not in jeopardy, but when it comes to RPI standings, the next 4 games are crucial to stay in the race. Luckily, the lose last night didn’t drop us as far as I thought it would, but lose one of the next 4 and we will have to fight back to get in good standing, especially if it’s a home game. This all leads up to OKST, which is a toss up/small advantage to OKST. If we can win that game and go 5 straight games, we will be in the drivers seat the rest of conference play till the SC and Florida game.

Same here, been a season ticket holder for years and this was the first game I left earlier since being a ticket holder. It’s so frustrating to me because I know how good this team is, not great, but still a good team and we let this one slip away.

Of course, it goes without saying that if we just win 'em all from here on in everything will be fine, but what are the chances? I wrote a few weeks back in an exchange with you that I feared that we were maybe only marginally better than last year. I was hoping I was wrong, but evidence keeps coming in to confirm it. We don’t block out. We don’t defend. Getting to 9 wins in conference to match last year might be a challenge now. There’s no sugar-coating it. We just got beaten at home for the second straight time. At least the first time it was by a good team, but there’s little evidence that Mississippi state is anything but bad to mediocre, and they handled us on our home court fairly easily. Our basketball team is in deep, deep trouble.

Agree to disagree on a few things.

I said we need to win out our next 4 conference games till the OKST game just to ease the RPI ratings. Of course I’d love for us to win out but playing at SC and Florida pose a big challenge.

I wholeheartedly disagree that we are only marginally better, which makes last nights loss all the more frustrating. The only good thing that came out of last night was Hannahs got out of his funk and Kingsley finally showed up offensively.

I agree the blocking out last night was atrocious, as well as, missed steal opportunities.

We’ve actually improved quite a bit defensively, but last night Anderson screwed up the defense pretty bad, switching a 3-2 zone to a man defense. We were stopping them in the zone but for some reason Anderson changed it and they kept getting hot again.

I honestly think our chances of getting past 9 conference wins is better than you think. As much as you say this looks normal, it really wasn’t in terms of scheme defensively. It’s an easy fix, but I’ll agree with you that last nights loss left us little room for error.

Wasting your time talking fundamentals, been preaching about fundamentals and you get 100 reasons why rebounding,blocking out,inbound d play and poor shot selection doesn’t matter when you play “Hogball”. But lack of trips to the big dance say different.WPS