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Oops. I hit the wrong key. What I wanted to say was did you see Missouri put it on Kentucky? Are they really that good or just played over their head? The lost to Ksnsas by 28.

Great question! Not sure of the answer, but will next week!

We will find out very soon how we stack up against Missouri.
As for Kentucky, this should be a good year for many teams around the SEC to put a thumping on the Wildcats……they aren’t good.
How good is Arkansas now that we are playing better competition without 2 of our top players?
Realistically, probably not Elite Eight good without them both and possibly Elite Eight good if NSJ can play effectively.
Likely, not good enough to win the SEC this season unless two or three other players emerge soon to become impact and rotational players.

You can’t trust teams that rely on 3 point shots to win. At anytime they can go cold and look bad. Hogs won’t need 3 pointers to beat Mizzou. They can’t rebound so just take it to the hoop and if you miss put it back in. Kentucky settled for 3’s and missed them. Once they stopped doing that they scored at will. Just got too far behind. Hogs should take this one by 15 or more.

After now going 0-2 on the road in the SEC how do think the Hogs will do in the return date with Missouri at their place?
We haven’t scored 60 points in either road loss.

I expect the Hogs to play better in this second game. As I stated before the first game, Mizzou can’t rebound and the Hogs do not have to make threes to beat them. Mizzou is not likely to shoot the ball as well against the Hogs as they did against Illinois and Kentucky because Arkansas’ defense will not allow it. However, the Hogs need to try to speed up the game so they won’t have to play against that match up zone. Arkansas will win.

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