Miley watch WVU

Watch Higgins’ team, that seems what you want to do, but don’t know how. Educate yourself.

Mikey, and Huggins… auto correct

West Virginia has the horses to run it. When we get the horses we’ll be fine.
Our problem with defense this year has been effort. Just leaving players open for wide open shots, dunks and layups. When they flip the switch they turn in on! Crazy way to perform.
Bardford and Kingsley need to become beast. In both halves of the remaining games.

I have always enjoyed watching Huggins teams play.

Big difference is the conference they play in. I watched the game and enjoyed it because I hate the jayhawks. But if his team did half of what they did last night in an SEC game, half that team would have fouled out. Big 12, ACC, Big 10, etc. don’t call these weenie fouls that they do in the SEC. Guys were getting bumped and knocked to the floor all night and not a call was made. In the SEC, you put your pinky finger on the opposing players shoulder and they blow a whistle. That’s always been my biggest complaint with SEC basketball, they don’t let our players play. They constantly stop play at the littlest things and in some cases change the momentum of the game. Something officials shouldn’t be able to do.

Yeah, watch them blow a 14-point lead in the last 2:45 of regulation. Quite the education. Or is that edumacation??

That’s a Kansasmacation. I’d hate to see what they’d do to us.

I totally agree General, SEC refs are the absolute worst of the power five, in basketball. Just watch some SEC games not involving Arkansas, and you get a real unbiased look at the horrible calls they make routinely. I have seen them let post players shuffle their feet and take 4 steps the whole game and never call a walk, yet every time the game gets tense and a little aggressive, well they shut that down with the ticky tack BS calls. SEC games never have a good flow to them. And then it hurts our teams in the tourney too.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

I think it hurts other conferences as well. A few years back, I worked with a gentleman from WV. He was a HUGE Mountaineers fan. They were still in the Big East at the time. That conference played hack-a-Shaq without it being whistled. WVU got eliminated early from the tourney that year, because they drew a SEC officiating crew, who called everything. On the flip side, if we go to the tourney and play the fastest 40 (including hand checking), and we draw those officials like the ones from the Big East that year, we go further by being aggressive and playing more 40 MOH.

Good point, Bake