Mike Norvell and FSU

I don’t know if he thinks FSU is a better or easier job, but it’s only slightly these days. Clemson is right there with Bama, if not better. Florida isn’t easy to recruit anymore. They don’t just compete against Florida and Miami in recruiting like the old days. They compete against UCF, FL, USF, Miami.

And they will throw him to the curb much quicker at FSU, they have extremely high expectations… It’s probably a better job, certainly a slightly easier job, but not significantly so, like in the past.

Mike Norvell just been named the new head coach at FSU

FSU will be a tough job for any coach, same as Auburn, due to unrealistic expectations by the fan base.
They are focused on James Franklin, Mark Stoops, & Matt Campbell

Campbell would be a great hire for FSU. He’s got a steady hand and can really utilize that fertile recruiting ground to build a really solid team that would be tough to beat.

Campbell is solid. He also recruits well coast to coast. I suspect he wants to remain close to his Big 10 roots & question if Iowa St is vying for consideration for Big 10’s next expansion along with KS. Lately, FSU seems to have focused on Franklin or Stoops.

What ties does Norvell have to Arkansas other than playing at UCA? FSU seems to be a good fit for him.

I think someone said his wife grew up in AR. I don’t know

Edit: Yep, born in Ft Smith, graduated from UCA

Has she been looking at houses in Fayetteville? Understand she can get a deal on one for $3.79 million.