Mike Leach

I haven’t really followed the career of Mike Leach, but the guy is smart, colorful and has built a winner everywhere he has coached. There was some controversy at Texas Tech, but most the folks in Lubbock would love to have him back in town.

Washington State is 6-0 this season and smoked some Ducks in Eugene last Saturday night. They beat USC the week before. In watching the Oregon rewind last night, Leach has a very impressive team. They are fast and cat quick on both sides of the ball. I had forgotten how that kind of play looks, instead of playing so-called “big boy”, ground and pound football. Speed often kills and if nothing else, Bret Bielema should have learned that lesson by now. The special team units for Leach also looked extremely well coached.

Someone recently circulated a petition calling for Mike Leach to be hired at Arkansas. It was seemingly done in jest and I have no idea whether Leach would be the slightest bit interested, but should the opportunity ever present itself, we could do [and have done] a lot worse. Leach was quoted at the Pac12 presser last week saying that Little Rock was the loudest environment his teams had ever played. They were quacking loudly in Oregon on Saturday night, until WSU dropped hammer midway though the second half. Good football and a fun game to watch.

Woo Pig.

He is a fantastic coach.

I don’t know much about him, but do know that Oregon’s home field can be very hostile, especially at night. Those cats didn’t appear to be the least bit intimidated. The team speed was everywhere and truly impressive. The defense swarmed to the ball and the offensive play calling was unpredictable. It had to be hard to defend. WSU was a PAC12 doormat not too long ago. Those days have passed.

I would love to have the Pirate Master but from what I understand he loves it in Pullman.

No idea, but I could understand the affinity by Leach with the area, though rain alone is usually one season by itself. The mention of LR last week @ his presser was interesting. Razorback fans can be hard to beat, when the team is well coached and the product on the field calls for it.

At Tt he got in trouble for punishing players he didn’t think were hurt. He had a trainer stay with the player somewhere in the heat as punishment. Craig James ,of SMU fame, had a son that received that treatment. I wouldn’t send a son to play for him. There are better choices.

I hear what you’re saying hawg59, but Leach denied the accusations and in living in the general area, there are some folks [many] that don’t buy into the Craig James account.

That is true

Also a lot of things have changed in time, and even if that’s true I’m sure he has too. Washington State gave him a chance and he’s done what he does everywhere, win. Took a few years but now he’s in contention to get into the playoffs. I’d say they are the team to beat in the Pac 12, I watched Washington the other night and they are not as good as WS, atleast don’t look like they are.

He’s a winner, we’d be lucky to get someone like him.

Maybe he will have the chance to make a decision. I would love to have him coaching the Razorbacks.

I watched part of the Oregon and USC games, again. WSU was well coached and has some swagger. The road environment in Eugene didn’t seem to faze them in the least, which is unusual. It’s hard to argue against the job Mike Leach did in Lubbock and has done in Pullman. Impressive.

I watched those games also, WSU has a good team, yes well coached. If there is a better passer than Luke Falk, I dunno who it is. Leach went 84-43 overall and 47-33 in conference at TTech w 10 straight bowl appearances. Not bad. At WSU he is 35-34 and 23-25 in conference including the 6-0 this year. Not too shabby. WSU’s last game is Nov 25 unless they are in P12 Championship. On the tube Friday nite vs Cal.

Leach has built WSU from bottom to top. Their last game is N 25? I don’t think so, but will be there regardless, brother.

FYI Wazzu plays tonight after clemson v cuse

Yup, today would be Friday. Set on my Hopper. :wink:

All you got to do is check the schedule, don’t take my word for it! Not counting a possible bowl game, the hint was it’s the day after the Hog’s finale.

I think they go way further, but I hear you, goldsurfer.

Cal 37 Wassu 3, no quality non conference wins. Hmmmm, sounds very familiar.

Beating Oregon in Eugene as well as USC at home are quality and I didn’t see the game at Cal, but I get what you are saying, baked. However, WSU has gone from the ground up under Leach. TT did, likewise. There was improvement in the beginning, but overall, I am not so sure anyone can say that about the Razorbacks and Bielema.

TT wasn’t exactly that bad before Leach. The five years prior they were 37-20 (bowl eligible every year, but didn’t go every year) and they went to two bowls in years 6 & 7 before, including the Cotton.

WSU, he did takeover a horrible, downward trajectory program.